Dreams can come true

Harley is an eighteen year old girl that lives in london, England. She works minimum wage at her aunt's coffee shop singing covers , playing her guitar, and entertaining customers. But her simple daily routine changes when one direction are in town. she meets those five lads she absolutely loves and becomes something she always dreamed of becoming...


3. The start of something new.


This girl was something...different...something...perfect.

"So, what do you do for fun?", I asked. "i like to draw, sing ,play guitar , play soccer...", "Play for me?", I asked. she grinned and said, "for sure!"

"Let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy.

he fell in love with his best friend, when she's around he feels nothing but joy.

But she was already broken and it made her blind, and she could never believe that love

would ever treat her right."

She sung beautifully.

That's when it hit me.

The idea, Uncle si , her.

She could join the band.

"Hey, uhm...", "Harley", she hinted me. "Harley...would you consider being the sixth member of one direction?", "Oh my god, YES."," okay then, if you would like to do it...give me a call.", we exchanged phone numbers. I was walking out the door when suddenly...


"Liam, i'll do it."

This was the start of something new.

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