Dreams can come true

Harley is an eighteen year old girl that lives in london, England. She works minimum wage at her aunt's coffee shop singing covers , playing her guitar, and entertaining customers. But her simple daily routine changes when one direction are in town. she meets those five lads she absolutely loves and becomes something she always dreamed of becoming...


2. it's him.

 (A/N) Hey guys! it's me this is my first movella!  I'm going to say this now...i wont be able to update on a basis...but i'll try when I can. please don't give up on me!~ xX Btw Harley is portrayed by nina dobrev, and her style is all of the boys' mixed together.



At my aunt's coffee shop's door.



"Hello! is it too early to get a small breakfast and coffee?", his thick, fast, wolverhampton accent asked. aunt tia started saying, "Sorry, we're no-" , "-t accepting checks anymore...", i finished. My aunt looked at me with an eyebrow raised. Liam did too. "One second please sir", i said  nervously. "AUNT TIA, DO YOU KNOW WHO THAT IS?!",I whisper yelled. "No, I have no idea.", she said. "THAT'S LIAM FROM ONE DIRECTION! THE ONLY KIND OF EXPERIENCE I HAVE WITH HIM IS IN AN IMAGINE OR FANFICTION. I WANT TO FANGIRL SO HARD RIGHT NOW, JUST LET ME HANDLE THIS!", I whisper yelled again.

"Oh, you're back.", liam said then sweetly smiled. "yeah, i'm a big fan liam...would you mind taking a picture?" (A/N) i'm not going to use "he said , she said" anymore...you'll get it.) "oh,no problem." We both smiled while i took the picture. "okay, so what would you like?" , "uhm...i'll take the small coffee, 3 creams,3 splendas.", "okay, i'll get that." I told my aunt the order and told her to take a little bit more time so I could get a little bit more liam and harley time.

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