Dreams can come true

Harley is an eighteen year old girl that lives in london, England. She works minimum wage at her aunt's coffee shop singing covers , playing her guitar, and entertaining customers. But her simple daily routine changes when one direction are in town. she meets those five lads she absolutely loves and becomes something she always dreamed of becoming...


1. saved by the...erm...aunt.

"I think i'd have a heart attack. Never put my love out on the line , never said yes to the right guy. Never had trouble gett-


I shut off my alarm again, like any other morning. I looked down at my adventure time pajamas smiling... i'm such a kid. But then again, there are people WAY older than me who still watch adventure time. I got up off the bed , walked to my dresser , and grabbed some random jean shorts and my metallica t shirt. I ran to my bathroom realizing what time it was ; 8:30. CRAP!

I knew I was going to be at work right on the dot. I brushed my teeth possibly the fastest i ever had. I ran out the bathroom and threw my clothes on. I started looking for my red vans. "Where the cabbage are they?", I accidentally said out loud. "Looking for something?" , my Aunt tatiana said holding my shoes. "Thank you so much aunt tia!", I thanked. "wait...why are you still here?", i questioned. she just rolled her eyes.

I followed her outside and I got in my car, while she got in hers. Feeling happy that i'm not late, I turned my music up. "I want to be last , yeah, baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss."  My take me home album was already in the cd player..."I WANNA BE FIRST YEAH, WANNA BE THE FIRST TO TAKE IT ALL THE WAY LIKE THIS!" , I yelled in my car being stupid.

*skip car ride*

I walked up on the small stage with my trusty guitar. I sat down on the wooden stool on the stage and began playing my guitar.

"settle down with me

cover me up

cuddle  me in.

Lie down with me

hold me in your arms."

As I finished rehearsing I smiled involuntary.


the sound of the door bell when someone walks in sounded.


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