The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


3. Chapter Three

I walk into the party and I already smell sweat. Disgusting. Harry has his hand on my waist, and I try to pull it off. He doesn't let go. 
"I don't want people to think we're a couple, Harry." I yell to him. "Maybe I do." He smirked. I roll my eyes as he finally lets go. I walk over to find sodas and I grab one. I grab Emily's arm and pull her outside. 
"What?" She says to me. "This party is stupid! Harry is walking around with me and trying to act like we're a couple and I'm done with the party. "Oh come on!" She replied trying to pull my arm back in. "No." "Fine lets... Lay down on the grass?" She asks. I roll my eyes and agree. 
We lay down and look up at the sky. "If I were you, I'd be going for Harry." Emily said. "Emily you don't have to get every guy. And no. I don't want a relationship. Unlike you." I say back to her. "Fine, tell me when you wanna hook up. You know the number." She winked at me and left. I sat up and pulled my phone out. 
I got on my main app which was Instagram. I scrolled through my feed and I hit the home button of my iPhone. I looked at my messages with Harry. 
I walked around the party trying to find someone I knew. No use. They were all gone. I decided to walk home. I start to walk and my feet are already tired. "Skylar! Skylar!" I hear a voice call my name. I keep walking. I then hear a car. "Do you really want to walk for thirty minutes?" I look over and see Harry driving. "Oh my god! You didn't get drunk?!" I say sarcastically. "Haha very funny now get in." I climb into the passenger seat. I look behind my seat and I see Emily and Harry's friend are wasted. Oh great. I see Emily slowly moving to kiss him. "Hey." I say while smacking her head on the back. She just laughed. I rolled my eyes. 
"This is the first party she's been to on weeks and THIS is why." I say. Harry just laughed. "She seems like the fun one. You seem boring." He said to me. "I am not boring! Maybe I don't want to get drunk and try to let a guy get into my pants." I reply. "Sure. You think that." He said. 
Harry finally pulled up to my house and I got Emily to climb out. I put her arm around my shoulder and tried to walk her to her house. "Come on Emily!" I say. She stumbles back and falls on the ground. My eyes widen. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry Emily!" I think she's knocked out. I bend down ad try to pick her up. I grab her arm again and try to pull her. Harry finally comes and helps me pick her up. "It's about time you help." I said. "Well since you aren't strong enough to lift a 70 pound girl, I decided to help." He replies rudely. We walk upstairs to her bedroom and threw her on the bed. "I guess I better stay here to make sure she won't vomit everywhere." I say. "Okay bye." Harry said. He leaned in closer. I knew what he was trying to do. He's not going to kiss me.
I lean back and say, "Well.. Bye!" I wave to him and he leaves with a smirk. What an idiot.
Emily is still asleep so I decide to go over to my house and change into sweats. I put on a blue tank and grey sweat pants. I put my hair into a ponytail. I slide on my cushion flip-flops. I walk outside to Emily's place. Of course Harry lived next door. I saw a pool and boys all in it. I look back to the house until someone grabs me.
"Let me go!" I scream not trying to look at who. The person lets me go and I see Harry in swim trunks. "Harry. It's ten at night. Why are you in the pool with those other guys?" He smiled and shrugs. "Come swim with me." "No." I say while walking back. "Please?" He says. "No, Harry!! I'm not swimming!" I say louder. "Fine." 
I walk away and walk into the house. I lock the door. I don't see Emily's body on the bed. I had an idea that she was vomiting. I walk into the washroom. No Emily. I go outside to only find her in the pool. "Emily!" I scream. She looks over. "What are you doing and how'd you get over here without me seeing you?!" I yell louder while walking over. 
"I snuck out the back." 
I rolled my eyes. "Tell me when you finish your swimming because I'm going home." I say to Emily. "No you're not!" Emily says and pulls me into the pool. I come up out of the water. "Emily!" I say. "Sorry." She says not really being sorry. I try to climb out but Harry grabs my foot. "Not yet princess." He says to me. "Let me go. It's freezing!" I say. He let go and I climbed out. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight." I say and walk off. I walk into my house and get into the shower. I feel the heat rush over my body. I never wanted to get out.
I hear a knock on the door. 
"Coming!" I yell. I quickly wrap a towel around me and tie it so it won't fall off. My feet patted the carpet stairs as I finally arrived to the door. I opened it. "H-Harry? W-What are you d-doing here?" I ask. "You look really good in that towel." He smirked. "Harry..." "What? I can't come see you?" He put his hand on my back. "L-let go.. I have to g-get to bed.." I ask stuttering. 
"You're no fun." He smirked and walked away. I shut the door with my back against it. Why is it sometimes Harry is sweet and I'm not afraid, but then other times he's scary and I'm frightened? I don't like this.
I lay in bed thinking of what happened. I get a text.
Harry. "Won't you come over?" I read the text aloud. I reply with "No. Goodnight, Harry." 
I actually wonder how he really got my number. Emily. I rolled my eyes at the thought. "But I'm lonely." He texted back. "Sorry. Cuddle with your teddy bear. ;)" I sent him the text. He never replied. 
I couldn't sleep. I got up and made some hot cocoa. I put on a movie and lay down watching it. I think about everything that has happened.
Why to me? Why can't Harry like Emily or someone else? Maybe he'll leave me alone soon. I put my empty cup down and lay on my huge bed as my eyes become heavier.
I still think of yesterday as I fall asleep.
Sorry again guys for the short chapter! I've been SUPER busy, and I decided to go ahead and add a new chapter. Longer chapters will come along soon! Love you beautiful people. ;D


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