The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


13. Chapter Thirteen

Harry's POV
I slowly walk down stairs trying not to wake Skylar. I grab my gun and walk outside. 
I get in my black Range Rover and drive to the house in the woods. You'd think this was some kind of Horror movie. 
I call my boss and tell him I'm outside. I hang up the call and get out of my car. 
I put the gun in the back of my jeans.
If Skylar was here, she'd be freaking.
"Money?" He asks. "Here. And I'm quitting." I say as I hand the money to him. 
"Is this because of that slut?" The boss says.
"She isn't a slut." I say as my voice gets deeper. 
"Oh Harry... What happened to you? What happened to the 'give the money on time' and 'I'll beat up anyone'? My boss says.
"Listen to me. Skylar is my life. And like I said before, I'll kill you before you even see me." I say. 
"I don't think you will Harry." He pulls out a gun and I automatically pull out mine. 
"There's my Harry." My boss says putting the gun down. 
"Get her." He says and two guys come out with a girl.
She's crying and I could tell she's been slapped and hurt. Again. I point my gun to the guys. They then put a gun up to Skylar's head. "If you try to shoot, she's dead." 
Skylar screams into the tape.
This is just like the other night. She's being tortured just to be with me. 
Just because she loves me.
Skylar's POV
I'm held by two guys I haven't seen before. The gun is pointed to my head.
This situation is worse from the other night. 
I try to scream but the tape is covering my mouth. 
"Harry.." I try to say but my voice mumbled into the tape.
"Dear God, what did I do to deserve this?"
I say to myself.
Then a gunshot. The guy holding a gun falls over. I look down at his lifeless body. The other man still has my hands but he runs away. I'm still stuck considering my hands and ankles are tied. I fall over and I lay beside the lifeless body of that man. My eyes widen as I roll over. 
The man I'm guessing was Harry's boss comes and takes the duct tape off. Tears roll down my face as Harry has the gun in his hand. 
The guy whispers to me, "I want you to scream as your little boyfriend dies." I shut my eyes not making contact. 
Then, another gun shot. Harry stands with the gun in his hand as the guy falls on top of me. 
I scream until he's rolled off of me. 
"Skylar. It's okay, I'm here." 
He takes a knife out and cuts the rope off of my hands. My body clings to his as I hug him tightly not letting go.
I stand in the shower as the water eases the pain. I think of the things that has happened since Harry came along. 
I don't care. I still love him. 
I get out of the shower and put on pink night shorts and a white tank. I walk out of the bathroom and pull the covers on top of me as I fall asleep.
Harry's POV
I sit on my sofa wondering what Skylar is doing. She's probably asleep.
Maybe since my boss is dead, this will all die down. 
I walk up to my room locking the door and climbing into the bed. I stare at the ceiling as the memories from today flood into my mind. I hope Skylar isn't mad. 
Skylar's POV
I wake up to my alarm and I realize I have school. I haven't talked to Emily in days. I put on sweats and put my hair up and put on my shoes. I walk downstairs and grab my bag. I start walking when I hear laughing. I turn around.
Emily and Louis. That's why. I roll my eyes and a black car pulls up. "Come on I'll drive you." I get in Harry's car and it saves about twenty minutes. "Skylar? You okay?" He asks. "What? Oh yeah I'm fine." I say looking out the window. Harry parks on the side of the road.
"What's going on?" He asks. "Nothing.." I say. "Tell me now." "Fine. Emily is never hanging with me and that's like who I always talk to. Nobody else. And now she's with Louis. And I feel betrayed." I say. "But I still have Maya.." "Babe it's okay. Do you want to ditch?" "Yes please." I nod in agreement. He chuckles and turns around. I fiddle with my thumbs. "What now Sky?" Harry says noticing what I was doing. "You've never ditched before have you?" "Not really.." I say.
"It's fine babe." I look out the window and see Emily and Louis walking. I make eye contact with Emily. I look down quickly. 
What happened to my best friend?
I sit on a big chair in my living room. I watch my favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. Harry sits beside me, as the chair is big enough. My head lays on his chest. 
"Sky, don't worry about Emily, okay?" Harry says all of a sudden. "Yeah. Thanks Harry.." I smile at him and he kisses my forehead. I check my phone. No new messages or calls. I get on my favorite game, Flow. I hear Harry chuckle as I can't beat the level. 
"Shut it. It's hard." I say laughing. 
I get up and go to the bathroom. I stand there looking in the mirror. 
Emily comes back in my mind and I feel the hurt inside me. I may have done this once to her, but she's done it multiple times. 
The tears flow down my face as I sit down. I go on my messages and re-read mine and Emily's messages. I laugh and stand up. I wipe the tears off and breathe. I walk out, making sure it looked like I didn't cry. I was such a wimp at times.
I know it's short and I'm sorry. Next chapter will be better. I love you all and you're all amazing :D <3333


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