The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


10. Chapter Ten

Harry's POV
I walk up to my bosses door and knock. "Come in." I hear a voice and automatically walk in. "We need to talk." I say. "Well talk." "I have your money." I say slapping the money against the table. "But I swear to god. If you touch Skylar one more time, I'll fucking kill and your little pets too and I won't regret it." I say as my fists clench together. "Oh Harry.. When did she become your little girlfriend? Last time I remember, you did one night stands. And what would little miss Skylar do if I told her?" "Don't." I say commanding him. 
"I don't know about that..." 
I walk out the door and drive off. I've had enough of him. 
Skylar's POV
I strip off my clothes leaving just my bra and underwear. I look at the marks from the belt. My eyes squeeze shut as the painful memory comes back. 
I hear someone come up my stairs so I quickly grab my robe and wrap it around me. 
Harry busts through the door. I could tell he was angry. "Harry? What's the matter?" I ask. "Take your robe off." He commands me. "What? No. Why?" I ask. " I need to see your back." I sigh. "I don't want to show you." I say quietly. "Skylar show me your fucking back." He forces me.
I slowly take my robe off holding it so it stops at the bottom of my back. 
"Oh my god. Im gonna kill them Skylar." "It's fine Harry." "No it isn't. They hurt you. And no one hurts you." 
He grabs my hips and slowly forces me to sit down. I sit on his lap as he kisses my burns. A tear falls from my eye, the thought coming back. I really hate it when I remember the thought.
I wipe the tear and get up. "I have school. Are you coming?" I say as I wrap the robe around me. "No. I quit school." "What? Why?" I ask. "I don't like it." "No one likes it Harry." I say as I smile. 
"I know." 
"Alright.. I'm just going to get dressed."
I walk over to my closet and grab a pair of purple high waisted shorts and an orange tank. I put my hair in a French braid and grab my stuff and walk over to Emily's. 
I knock on the door hoping she'd answer. "Hey.." She said slowly. "Look, I'm sorry about the other night. I shouldn't of went over to Harry's. I needed to talk to him. But I guess I could've waited. I'm sorry, Emily." I explain. "Come here and hug me." She says smiling. I laugh then I pull her into a tight hug. "We cool?" I ask. 
"Of course. Now come help me get ready!" "Why?" "The dance is tonight! And obviously have to look good for someone to ask me!" I laugh at her reply running upstairs to her room. "So I decided to wear these shorts and this shirt." She says. "Perfect." I say and smile.
"What are you wearing to the dance? You know it's basically like prom. Only for juniors." "Well I don't know if I'm going.." I say. "Go with Harry?" "He wouldn't want to. He's like. Bad boy apparently." I say winking. "You're still going. Because you're going with me!" She exclaims. I roll my eyes. "Fine. Who do you want to go with?" I ask. "Erm.. Louis.." "Louis? He seems nice.. He's a senior though." I say. 
"I know."
The bell rang and I slapped my locker shut. My last period. I walk to my Health class and sit down beside Emily. "We're going to talk about the dance rules for today's class. Because you guys get off in... 15 minutes due to the set up." We all take out our phones as the teacher sits there. I check my texts and then I go on my Instagram. "Ms. Mitchell?" I raise my head as my last name is called. "Yeah?" "Will you be going to the dance tonight?" "Yeah maybe." The teacher goes around the room and asks the students if they were going. Wow. I really hate health class.
Emily and I walk home when two boys arrive in a car. Emily's eyes widen as she sees Louis and another boy I'm guessing Zayn and the girl Perrie that was in my health class. I smile as Louis gets out. "Emily?" "Y-Y-Yeah?" She says stuttering. "Sorry to interrupt, but I'm going home. Bye Em." I say as I keep walking away. I arrive home and try to find out what to wear. My phone starts playing 'Lego House' and I answer the call. "Hey Harry." I say as the phone is between my ear and shoulder. "Whatcha doing?" I hear his voice ask. 
"Getting ready for the dance. You?" "What dance?" 
"You'd know if you went to school, silly. There's like this prom for juniors and seniors. Basically it's another Prom. And Emily wanted me to go." 
"So are you going to go?" 
"Probably not."
I sigh as I answer with an okay. I say bye to him and hang up. I walk into the bathroom and take my hair out of the French braid. I put on a line of dark purple eyeliner to match my dress and add a swipe of gold eyeshadow. I put the plug for my curlers into the outlet and change into my short purple dress. I slip on my cheetah flats and walk into the bathroom and curl my hair. 
I finally finish, pulling my hair to the side. I grab some red lipstick and swipe it quickly over my lips. I walk into my room, grabbing my long and skinny, grey pocketbook with sparkles on it. I walk down the stairs and shut the door locking it.
I walk to Harry's flat and knock. He opens the door and looks me up and down. I feel insecure as he looks at me. "Skylar you're beautiful." Harry says. "Thanks. I just wanted to say bye and I was leaving. Emily is over there with Louis." I say. "I'll pick you up. When do you want me to?" "Erm. Eleven?" I say. "Bye love." I kiss him on the lips and walk over to Emily. "Lets go!!" She squeals. 
My heart empties as I see Emily and Louis holding hands, wishing I had Harry with me. 
We arrive at the dance and the music is already playing and a lot of people are dancing. More like grinding, since that was the new move or something. I look at my phone as I see a call. I walk outside. "Hello?" I say. "I know something that you don't want to." "Who is this?" Oh great. Another call. "Listen, Skylar. I know your boyfriend. You have to trust me. Harry isn't for you. He did one night stands all the time. Did it with the girls, threw them away. And when he gets you, he's going to throw you away." 
"Tell me who you are!" 
I hear beeps on my phone. They hung up. 
Who was that?
Why were they saying Harry was like that?
How did they know my name?
Why is this happening to me?! Why won't people leave me alone? I walk back into the school. I sit there as everyone else slow dances. 
I'm tired of the dance. I'm leaving. I need to see what this person said was true. 
I run back home, changing and walk over to Harry's place. I always hated it when I had to confront him.
This chapter wasn't the best. But what happens next?! 
I know you guys probably hate reading these and I'm sorry I'll stop soon promise haha. Xx 
I hope you enjoyed xxx <333 


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