The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


17. Chapter Seventeen

It's been a month. 
My parents have to stay another month away. I lay in my bed thinking of all of Harry and I's memories. 
The laughs, the cries. "I'll always protect you. No matter what." 
His voice echoed. Emily was okay though. 
Louis didn't die. 
What did I do to deserve this? 
I lay there. Numb of my body. I always think of him.
Not a day goes by that I don't. 
He was my life. My love. My protector. He was all I ever wanted I guess you could say.
Now he's gone. His body laying in a coffin eternally. 
"I love you." His voice would never leave. 
All of those moments where we lay in bed, doing nothing. Wrapping our fingers together.
It's like he's still here with me though. I can feel it. I can feel his hands connecting with mine. 
I miss him so much. Tears always streaming down my terrible body. I find his beanie in a cabinet he must have left here.
A note inside. I read as it said,
"My Beautiful Skylar, 
If you're reading this then you know I'm dead. But I love you so much. And I'm always watching over you. I always said I'd protect you, didn't I? You gave me love when nobody else did. 
You took my heart. 
You are and ALWAYS will be mine. I don't care if you find someone new. But I'm positive you will. You'll have kids and take care of them and watch them grow into snobby teens like us. But never forget me. I love you so much.
My tears dripped down on the note as I finished reading it. I put the Beanie on my head, as I felt comforted. 
My heart is numb. What is love? Love is an evil thing. It hurts but It feels good at the same time. You never want it to end. 
I look at the clock. Seven thirty. I sit up and grab my stuff. The beanie still sitting on my head, I walk out to school. Everyone so happy. 
Except me.
I'm broken.
I never speak to Emily. I never talked to her. She seems happy so I shouldn't be selfish and ruin it. I'm alone now. 
I remember seeing that black car pull up beside me. "Want a ride?" Harry would always say. 
I walk in the school hallway as everyone stares. They all know what has happened. I look down and walk to my locker. I open it and cards are everywhere. 
I don't read them. I grab my things and walk away. 
I never felt like paying attention. I failed most of my classes. 
I didn't care.
I needed Harry. I was desperate. 
Sorry about the short chapter! What do you think of the story? :D I hope you all enjoy it! I will have longer chapters coming soon! Love you <333


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