The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


7. Chapter Seven

Harry's POV
I answered the call and hear Skylar screaming. I automatically knew what was happening. She was being kidnapped. Over me. She's going to hate me. I finally figured out who took her. My boss had sent them so take her. I find out where she's at and I start driving to the place.
Skylar's POV
I try to talk into the duct tape. The three guys finally rip the tape off. "Please leave me alone!" I scream. "Why would we do that?" The tall one says. "Because. I didn't do anything!" "Look babe. We don't like doing this. But once your little boyfriend or whatever hands over the money, we're keeping you here." "And we have to hurt you." The other boy adds. I hear the door bust open and Harry walks in. "I swear to god you better let her go or I'll make you fucking suffer." "Get her out of here!" The tall one exclaims. The two boys pick me up and carry me into a room. I scream as I try to get loose. I'm getting real tired of this whole kidnapping thing. I kick them both in the stomach and I fall to the ground. I lose my breath. "God it's like I'm in an action movie." I say. I look at the other room and see the guy passed out and Harry walking into the room. He then takes them one of them to the ground as the other locks me in another room. He starts to slap me with a leather belt. I scream in pain hoping Harry would hurry up.
Harry's POV
I hear Skylar scream. I've cause her so much pain. I get up off of the passed out man. I bust the door open. And well, I beat him. I cut Off the ropes and carry Skylar to my car. "Im sorry about all this Skylar. I shouldn't of brought you into this." "No no, it's okay Harry. It wasn't your fault. And plus, now I know how action movies feel. Except I felt the actually pain." She laughed at her words. I on the other hand didn't. It wasn't funny. And I'm going to show those guys how it feels. "Harry.." She asks. "Yeah, beautiful?" "How'd you know how to fight and all that other stuff." I chuckle at what she said. "My dad had been in a gang once and I guess he could tell I would be, so he taught me. And trust me.. He was good." Skylar laughs. 
Skylar's POV
We arrive at Harry's house just a couple houses from mine. "Why are we going to your house?" I ask. "Because Sky, I don't feel like saving your ass again." He says while chuckling. I roll my eyes. We walk into his room. I realize I still have blood on me. Gross. "Skylar you can take a shower you know." Harry tells me. "Okay.." He hands me a pair of his grey sweat pants and an oversized shirt. I walk to his bathroom quickly locking the door. I lay the clothes onto the counter as I start the shower. I strip off my clothes and climb into the shower letting the hot water ease my bruises. It felt good but also made my injury burn. After I bathed, I turn the shower off and wrap a towel around me. I put on the clothes Harry gave me and I walk out. Harry lays there on his bed with his eyes closed.
"Someone's sleepy." I say as I giggle. 
"Come here." He says. "Why?" I ask. 
"Because I said so. Get over here, Skylar." I walk over to the other side of the bed and lay down on my side, one arm holding my head up. "I'm here." I say. Harry pulls me in closer as he grabs my back. I feel the burn from the belt and I make a noise letting Harry know that I was in pain. "I'm sorry." He says. "It's okay." He picks me up and puts me on top of him, my legs on both sides. As Harry is sitting up, we both lean in to kiss eachother. My lips meet with his soft, plump ones. 
What has happened? I have fell in love with a boy that is not my kind, and yet he's the most beautiful guy I have ever seen. I have fell for a guy who I shouldn't be with.


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