The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


1. Chapter One

 It was a stormy night. I grip the end of my umbrella harder. The wind blowing in my face I see a Starbucks open. Wondering why it's still opened, I walk in.
The store was stranded. I walk toward the menu. Reading all the beverages, I hear a voice. "Welcome to Starbucks, how may I help you?" I jump at the voice as it startles me.
I turn around. "Oh, Skylar!" She says with a more happy tone. "Hey Maya." I reply with a smile. Maya goes to my school. "The usual?" She asks. "Yep." 
I get a buzz on my phone. I look at the contact.
Emily. Emily is my best friend. 
I answer with a "Hello." 
"Party. Saturday Night. We're going." 
She always forces me into these stupid parties. 
"Fine. You're picking me up." I said. I hung up. I grab my beverage and stand there looking at my phone. Scanning over all my messages people had sent me, I finally locked my phone.
I look around to find Maya. She must have went into the employee room. I turn around as I bump into something.
More like someone.
"I-I'm sorry I didn't-" "It's fine, love." The tall figure stood over me. 
"I-I should get going." I say. "I'll give you a ride." The man says. "N-no it's o-okay." Damn me and my stuttering.
"Babe, I'm giving you a ride no matter what." He smirked. His curly brown hair covered his forehead. "O-okay." What did you just do, Skylar? 
I walked outside into the rain. I then climbed into the smooth black car. 
"What's your address babe?" He asks. My heart pounds as he says "Babe."
"5782 Felty Drive." I say not wanting to give him my address. "I live on that road also." He grins. 
"What's your name, love?" He asks once again. I noticed he called me several things after every sentence. "S-Skylar." I say nervously. "And yours?" I ask a bit braver. "Harry. Harry Styles." 
He looked like a Harry. The curly hair. The green emerald eyes. The way his dimples had popped out when he smiled. No stop Skylar. Don't fall for a guy that forced you into his car. 
My phone vibrated. I looked at the contact.
Emily. Again. She sent me a message. I read the message to myself. My lips moved along the words, "I'm coming over. Be there in five. Xx" 
My fingers hovered over the keyboard thinking of what to reply. I finally did and I sent the message. 
The car ride was awkward. Everything he asked, I stuttered. I'm such an idiot. My brown mixed with red hair was falling out of my messy bun. I look at my acrylic French nails. I hated it when mum makes me get my nails done. I remember begging her to let me dye my hair red with the brown. It finally worked. 
Harry had finally arrived at the road. I pointed to the last house on the dead end. "See you soon, babe." He said. I slammed the door quickly. I hear a voice calling me. "Sky! Sky!" I turn around to see a girl short enough to be Emily. It was. 
"Hey." I said. I walked up to my house ad unlocked the door. "Parents are on buisness trip." I say. I turn the lights on and look at Emily. Her long blonde with pink dip dye hair stands out into the light. She didn't care what she wore apparently, considering she wore green sweat pants and a tank too with an Aeropostale jacket. 
We walk up to my room. She asks random things sometimes. Like right now. "Why did you dye your hair red and brown? It's weird." She asks me. "Oh thanks," I say as I laugh, "and I like the hair style. Is that bad?" I ask. "No." She replies. "Says the one who dip-dyed her hair pink." I mumbled to myself. I changed into my sweats not caring if Emily saw me. 
I turn to look out the window. The house next door has a light on. I squint to see what's going on. "Em, hand me the binoculars over there." I command as I point to the shelf.
She hands me the binoculars and I put them around my eyes. I see alot of cute seniors. "Em, oh my god. Hot senior alert." I say. "What?!" She says and grabs a pair of binoculars. 
We look out the window watching the guys wrestle. We stare for a while until I see something that has caught my eye. I see a tall boy with the same dimples. He has no shirt on with a beanie over his curls. He is absolutely adorable. Why do I keep saying this? 
"Sky, duck!" Emily pushed me down just to make sure they didn't see us. I slowly lift up and see the boys fighting again. Harry on his phone. 
I then get a text. 
"Staring much? Enjoy the show. Xx" I realize it's Harry.
I text back saying, "My best friend made me. I'm sorry...." I text back. Emily over my shoulder, she slaps me. "I-I'm sorry! I panicked!" I said. 
"We're gonna make them stare. Come on." Emily said while winking. She took a pair of short shorts and a tight tank top. "No I'm not wearing that!" I say. "Put it on or I'll text Harry while you're asleep!" I sigh and put on the skimpy outfit. L
Emily turned on the music making it loud enough that the boys had heard. We started dancing everywhere. I looked over and saw them staring. I felt a bit insecure knowing that they were burning holes into our bodies. Emily tackled me to the bed trying to put a show on for the boys. 
We finally turned the music off and turned the lights off and looked out. They stared at the window waiting. Emily turned on the light switch and crawled over to the window and ducked. We opened the window to let air in. Emily grabbed our sweats and she closed the curtains. "You're a idiot you know that?" I say. We change. 
"Lets go to sleep." I say. 
We shut the window and climb into my bed. 
Emily was asleep and I just lay there looking at the ceiling. I got a text. 
Harry. I read the text. "Nice show you put on. You should have danced like your friend. Instead of barely dancing. ;)" I rolled my eyes. I didn't dance much. I wasn't like Emily. "Shut up. It's never going to happen again and I'm never going to talk to you. Emily threatened me so I did it." I reply back.
I read his text. "Yeah yeah. Just keep thinking that. ;)" 
I don't reply thinking about Harry. Thinking of our conversation in the car, I remember his words. 
"I'm Harry. Harry Styles."


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