The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


19. Chapter Nineteen

Maybe I'm just going crazy without you. 
Maybe I should come in paradise with you. 
All ideas run through my head. I can't bare for you to leave me. I walk around the busy streets. I walk into the Starbucks where Harry and I met.
I remember everything that night. And I all I wish is that you'd walk back into that door and give me a ride. 
I walk out of the store and to the graveyard. I walk over to Harry's grave, placing his favorite necklace beside the stone. 
"I miss you so much." I whisper at the grave. 
"I hope you're Doing well up there, so you can't get hurt." I say. A tear falls down my face, landing on the ground. 
"If you were here, I'd kiss you." 
I stand up, my feet making contact with the hard ground. 
"Goodbye, Harry." 
I say. 
My long walk back, I think of our play fights we always had. And how when we fought, he'd slam me against the wall and tell me what's right. I missed it.
I love him. So much. 
I walk over to Emily's house, knocking. "Hello." She says.
"I'm sorry, Emily. It's been so hard without him here. And I just need someone." 
She pulls me into a hug and I hold onto her as I start to sob into her shoulder. 
"We all miss him Sky.." She says, 
"Don't worry it's gonna be okay." 
"I know... He's still here though. I can feel him always with me." I say.
"He said he would always protect you." She tells me and I just cry harder. 
"I know.." 
Emily and I watch movies all day. 
I get dizzy alot and forget where I am. I guess since I haven't ate much. 
I can't eat much. 
I'm alone.
"I'm gonna go to the store." I say. 
I walk out of the house and begin walking. 
I see a boy with the same hoodie as Harry's and the same curls.
"Harry?" I say quietly to make him not hear but I think he does. 
He takes off running. That was strange. 
I'm probably just going crazy. 
Right? Harry's dead. 
He isn't alive. I saw him die. He got shot in the stomach and died. 
I lay on the floor on my stomach with my laptop. I scroll through my Facebook.
Nothing new. Everyone is so boring.
Except Harry.
I wish he'd come back.
How do you like it so far? :D sorry for the short chapter! Xx love ya! <3333


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