The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


4. Chapter Four

I wake up to the same alarm. I look at my phone to see my messages have blown up from Emily. I sigh. She finally calls and I answer. "Oh my god, Skylar! It's about time you wake up!" "Yeah yeah.." "There's another party tonight. We're going." "No we're not. You're not getting wasted again." "I won't. Please?! Please please please please please ple-" "Fine!" I say and I hang up. I walk down stairs and grab some orange juice. A knock on the door.
I open the door. 
Harry. "You going to the party tonight?" He asks. "Yeah I guess. You?" I ask being brave to actually not stutter. "What do you think?" He asks. "Can I come in?" "I uh.. Sure.." I say. He walked in and looked around. "Are you rich or something?" He asks. "Err.. Kinda.. My parents do this business trip thing or something." I tell him.
"I need to get in the shower. You can Erm. Do something.." I say. "Do you need help?" Harry asked with a smirk. "No. I don't." I say. I grab my clothes and walk into the washroom. I strip off my clothes and slowly climb into the shower.
I walk out of the room with my sweats on and a towel on my head. "Oh Harry, you're still here?" I say. "Yeah.." He said. "Oh.." I walked over to the fridge and grabbed a water. My phone buzzed. Emily. "Oh my god what?" I answered with that reply. "Oh my god you're so rude." She said. "You're on speaker." I say while putting the phone on the kitchen table. "The party starts in an hour." "I just woke up like three hours ago?" I question. "Skylar, babe. You woke up at three in the afternoon." "Uh.. Oh." I say. "Well I have to get ready bye." 
I hung up. 
I walk down the street to the party. I arrive and I see Harry and Emily already there. I look down at my black shorts. I try to ignore Harry. I walk by the dance floor. I see a can and open it. I drink it until I feel a sting in my throat. I look at the can and it was beer. Then I heard Emily. "Drink it!" She yells over the music. "No way!" "I'll give you something in return?" She puts the can up to my mouth and I'm forced to drink it. After I drink the can I shut my eyes tightly.
"That's disgusting!" 
"You gotta tell your grand kids you did something stupid in high school, right?" Emily yelled at me. "I guess.." "I'm gonna get you drunk." My eyes widen at her words. I walk away from her and run outside. I then see a fight. I notice Harry on the floor. He must be drunk. I come between the fight. "Stop!" I then see the guy stop throwing punches. I realize who it is.
My ex. 
"Stephen?! Why are you doing this?!" 
"He's hitting on you. No one hits on my girl."
I sigh. "I'm not your girl! We broke up months ago. And Harry is drunk. You can't just kill him!" I scream. "Emily!" I see Emily run over here. "Help me get Harry up." She picks him up and we noticed how heavy he was. He wasn't fat. But we weren't strong.
I drive Harry's car to his house and Emily helps me get him out. We finally get inside and we look for his room. When we found it, we threw him on the bed. "Oh. My. God. There is blood on me!" Emily screamed. Emily hates blood. She'll start vomiting. I grabbed her arm and put her hand into the water. 
"I guess I better stay here..." I say. "I'm leaving.. Bye." Emily says as she walks off.
I hear a voice in Harry's bedroom. "My head is busting." I giggle at him. "Why is there blood on me?" He asks.
I sigh, not wanting to tell the story. "Erm. I'm not really sure. I just saw that you were drunk and my ex, Stephen was beating you up, so Emily and I took you home. And I decided to stay. In case you were okay or not." I say. "I can help you. Do you have a first aid kit?" I ask. "Yeah it's in the cabinet in the bathroom." I grab the first aid kit and I walk over to Harry's bed. He sits up and. Start to wipe the blood off of him. 
I could tell it was hurting. "I'm sorry.." I say. "Sorry about what?" "About you know.. My ex being stupid. I don't know why he does that." I could tell Harry's jaw tense. I finally finish patching him up. 
"I'll be back. Stay here." He says. "But-" "I said stay here." He walks out of the door. I look out the window. He gets into his car and leaves. I look around his room. After I finish. I walk down stairs. 
I'm leaving.
It's been five hours since Harry has been gone. I'm worried. I decided to call him. "Hello?" I heard a voice. "Where are you? It's late and you never came back so I went home." "I went to see.. Uh a friend of mine." "Okay.. Bye..." I hung up. Why did Harry act so strange? Was he keeping a secret? All these questions came to my mind. And I was curious to figure them out.
Hey lovelies! <33 I'm sorry for the short chapter AGAIN.. It wasn't the best but I decided to update.. What do you think Harrys secret is? Oooh? The next chapter will be better i PROMISE! Love you guys xxx


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