The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


15. Chapter Fifteen

Harry's POV
"Skylar remember how I'm in this gang?" I recall. "Yeah." She says quietly. I pull her onto my lap and her hair falls over her face.
My fingers move the pieces of hair behind her ears.
"Skylar, there's a fight. We do this a lot. And Lou and I will be in it."
Her face sinks as I could tell she didn't like what I was saying.
Skylar's POV
My heart drops as I hear the word 'gang' and 'fight.' 
"I'm not letting you." I command him. 
"I wish babe. But I have to." 
"No you don't." I reply fast. "Please Harry. Don't do this." "There's a bad part coming along. You and Emily have to come with us." 
My eyes widen at the words. 
"No! I'm not letting my best friend or my boyfriend die!" "Babe I didn't say I was going to die." He chuckles trying to bring humor into the situation. 
"When is it?" I ask.
"Next week exactly." 
"I don't want to do this." 
I say. "Me neither babe. But lets spend all week together. Just us." "Okay." I smile. 
Harry and I walk through the busy city as we hold hands together. 
My mind wanders everywhere. 
I then remember my parents are coming home in a month. 
Just one more month. 
Harry grips tighter and I realize I was daydreaming. "Sorry." I say. "It's fine, love." He smiles at me, showing his dimples. 
I didn't want him to go to this fight. This was torture to me. 
I wonder how Emily was feeling. If she was feeling like me. 
My mind wanders into a dangerous place I don't like thinking of. 
I shake my head trying to get rid of the thoughts of the fight.
The loud noises on the street make my head bust even more.
The thought won't disappear and I let go of Harry's hand and I put my hands onto my head. 
"Stop it Skylar." I say to myself. No use. The evil thought sticks to my head and won't leave.
The thought is killing me.
I then fall over and see darkness.
I wake up in my bed. "What happened?" I question.
"You fainted, love." I hear Harry's voice call. 
"Oh yeah." I remember why.
That thought. The one thought that wouldn't go away. I didn't like that thought. 
My mind scares me sometimes. 
"My sugar might have been low." I say making up an excuse. 
"Yeah." Harry says. 
I hate this fight. It's bothering me and Harry doesn't seem to notice. Does he even care of how I feel?
Well he does, doesn't he? I mean he's cared before.
He has to care now. Right? I lay back down. 
My phone receives a text. I see it's from Emily.
I read the text. 
She asks me if I know what's happening with the boys. I reply with a yes. 
She knows too. She probably dying inside like me. 
She knows my pain. Because the one she loves is risking his life too. A tear streams down my face as I cover it up.
I quickly wipe it away, not letting Harry see. 
I look over at his phone. He's talking to Louis. 
I sigh again as I put my phone down. 
"Babe I'm going to see Louis for a while. I'll be back soon." Harry kisses my cheek and leaves me alone in the bedroom. 
What happened to spend time together?
I grab my stuff and walk over to Emily's. I walk straight in and I see her brother on the XBox. I wish I was being that carefree right now. 
"I'm so stressed!" I hear Emily yell as I look at her. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying. I drop my things and hug her.
"I know how you feel." I say. "The fight lasts an hour. Just an hour. That doesn't seem like much, but it is." 
Emily exclaims.
"Calm down, please." I say. 
"Okay okay. I'm calm." She says. She inhales and exhales as I tell her to.
"I hate this. I'm afraid of everything." I say. "Louis told me that we'll be carrying a couple of guns also. And we'll have to protect ourselves in some parts." I sigh as Emily tells me the news. "Should we train?" I ask. 
She nods in agreement. She walks to her parents room and grabs all the guns she can find.
"Lets go." 
We walk outside and put targets out. At first, we were terrible. 
We soon got better and better. 
I still wasn't ready.
I lay on my bed and Harry isn't back yet. 
My mind still wanders about the fight. It's stuck to my brain. 
I don't wait for Harry to come back anymore. I pull the covers of my bed down and fall into the bed, my body sinking into the mattress. I pull the covers over me as I'm warm.
I fall asleep as my thoughts go away. 
I awake to the sound of a car horn. The neighbors.
My mind back on the fight. 
Four more days. 
I can't believe only four more days, Harry is risking his life. 
And Louis. What happened to sweet, sassy, and caring Louis? 
Everything has changed.
And my mind, body, and Emily all hate it. 
Not the best but next chapter I might let the fight begin idk yet.. :p love you sexy beasts! Lololol you're all perfect <33333


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