The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


11. Chapter Eleven

"Skylar? I thought you'd be at the-" "I got ANOTHER call. And guess what they said this time Harry?!" I scream at him. "Skylar plea-" "No Harry. I'm not going to ignore it! Because I honestly don't want to be with someone who used to have sex with a girl every night and then never talk to her again!" I scream at him as tears come out of my eyes.
"Skylar, please. It was my past. Don't believe it. Please?!" He begs me. "I-I don't know, Harry... I'm tired of these calls and people finding out where I live because I'm with someone who is involved with drugs!" "Damn it, Skylar! You need to fucking listen to me! Yeah I did that, but haven't you heard of forgive and forget?!" He pulls me inside and slams me against the wall.
"H-Harry.." "No. Fucking listen. I want you and only you! If you can't understand that, I'll make you!" He screams into my face as the tears leak out of my eyes. 
"I-I'm sorry.. I just really hate these calls. And... I know it was your pa-" Harry interrupts me with a kiss. He pulls away. "Am I forgiven?" He smirks. "Y-Yes.." I say. He lets go of my arms and they make their way to my side. "I'm going home.. Bye Harry." I say. "Bye love.." He slowly shuts the door and I go to my room. I lay on my bed. I then get the same call. I answer. "Stop trying to make me angry. Because I'm tired of it! So fuck off." I hang up and throw my phone onto the bed.
And then a text from the same number. 
"You look good lying on the bed. ;)" I look out my window and a red car drives off. 
I run to Harry's house. "Harry!!" I scream beating on the door. "What's wrong?" He asks. "Someone's watching me.. I got a text from the number that called and they said this." I point of message to him. "And then I looked out my window and a red car drove off. And I'm freaking." I say as my voice sounds shaky. "Come on." Harry shuts the door and locks it. "It's okay babe. I'm here now okay?" He says. I hug him as he wraps his arms around my back. 
I lay in Harry's bed as I stare at the moon in the window. I turn and see Harry asleep. I sigh and I turn to look back at the window. Could this be one of Harry's enemies or whatever? Well I'm guessing it is his enemy. But do they work for Harry's boss. I feel like Harry isn't telling me everything. 
I climb out of bed and walk downstairs of the house. I sneak out of the house and sit on the porch of his house. I look at my phone. I don't have any messages. Is it bad that I feel like crying? I hate this. And what about my friends and school? Honestly, this has all changed my life. I was just a normal teenager, right? With my friends and parties and my technology. And then Harry came. And well... Yeah. 
I turn to see an angry Harry. "Harry?" I say. "Skylar. What the hell?" I could tell he got mad because I walked outside.
"Really? I'm pretty sure I should have my own rights to go outside!" I say.
He sighs. "Come on. Maybe I need to put an alarm on the door just so I know you leave." He says not joking. Is he serious? I'm not his pet or something. 
I follow him upstairs and I lay beside him. My eyes slowly drift close and I fall asleep in Harry's arms.
I wake up to Harry shaking my arm. "Skylarrrrrr." He says dragging out the 'r.' "What?" I say groaning. "Wake up babe. I'm lonely." He says putting his head into the crook of my neck. "I'm awake now." I look over at him and smile. "Why do you have my phone?" I ask.
"Oh.. I was reading the message the person sent you and I looked their number up. It's one of my bosses little pets." "Pets?" I ask. "Someone who does everything the other person says to." "Oh." I turn around my back facing him. 
My hair lays on my arm and I close my eyes. "You're not going back asleep Sky." I here Harry's deep voice. 
"Harry.. It's six in the morning." I say. "Too bad." He put his hand on my arm and turns me over. I lay on my stomach and my head into the pillow. "Get up sleepy head." He says. I chuckle. He pulls me onto him, my legs on either side of his body. "You know, I like the position." Harry says and winks. "Stop saying things like that, you little perv." I say smacking his chest. "Oh that really hurt." He said. "You wanna wrestle?" I say. "Sky baby. We all know I'll win." He says. "You're lying!" I say. He then tackles me to the ground. "Okay. Okay. Fine." I say. He smirks and climbs off of me. 
"Lets go eat." He says and I follow him. "I'm going to run to the washroom quickly." I run back upstairs and look out the window. 
And then I see something. 
I see the same car.
Same boys from last time.
But they have one thing that I don't like seeing.
Uh oh! Emily is kidnapped?! Haha. Thanks for reading lovelies and I hope you enjoy this bad written chapter. Xx <3333
"I'm Just a teenage dirtbag baby, like you!" Hehe. c; 


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