The New Kid.

He wasn't any other new kid. He had secrets. Secrets that had frightened me. He was mysterious. Almost scary. I saw his soft side. The side of him that I loved. And he wasn't like any other ordinary guy. "Im not going to let anyone hurt you." He was going to protect me. He was my protector. And I loved this terrifying man. Because he was Harry. Harry Styles.


8. Chapter Eight

Harry is asleep so I decide to get something to drink. I walk down stairs quietly, cringing at every noise I made. I look around the place. He had a really nice home. Where were his parents? I look at the photos on the wall. He must have a sister. "What are you doing?" The voice startles me and I turn around to see a shirtless Harry. He was gorgeous. "I uh. I was getting some water.." I say. "The kitchens over there, love." He smirks and I blush. "I-I know. I just saw the photos and I wanted to l-look." "Sky, you're still stuttering? Stop it. It's not attractive." My cheeks turn red as I look down. "But I'll still love you." Harry whispers as he lifts my chin. We kiss for a couple minutes and I pull away. 
"So.. The water?" I say. I smirk seeing him not like that I pulled away. He walks over to the fridge and grabs a bottled water. "Who's that in the picture right there?" I ask pointing to the picture of Harry and a girl on his lap. "That's my sister. She moved away a while ago with her dumbass of a boyfriend." I laugh at his words. "I can tell you're very protective over ones you love." I say while laughing once again. "That's why I protect you." He whispers into my ear again as he grabs my waist from behind. He starts to kiss my neck and I move my head, giving him more room. 
No stop it Skylar.
Wait let him Skylar.
My mind wanders of what to do as he continues to give me a love bite that soon turns black and blue. 
He finally stops smirking at me. I open my eyes and look down. 
"Come on, babe." Harry says and I follow him upstairs. He turns off the light and we climb into the sheets and he moves closer to me. I feel safe. I feel protected. He's my protecter. 
I lay on the bed while watching Harry sleep. I see his curls messed up around the pillow his head lays on. Is it bad to say that I am unconditionally incredibly in love with him? "You know I can't sleep if you're staring at me." I hear his heavy voice say. My cheeks get hotter as I turn back around looking at the the window and wall. There are photos of his friends on a wooden board. Then I see one of him and a girl. And he's kissing her on the cheek with his arms wrapped around her waist. She has red hair. 
Why would he still have that picture if they aren't together? Or are they together and he's cheating? Well I guess he can't cheat if we aren't dating, but technically this is cheating. "Harry?" I ask. He's asleep. I slowly get up and my feet touch the cushioned carpet on the floor. I walk over to the picture and look at it. "By the way, she isn't my girlfriend." I hear Harry's voice. I turn to see him close behind.
"Then who is she?" I say a bit mad.
"She's an old friend." 
"So I guess every 'old friend' you have you wrap your arms around their waist and kiss their cheek?" I reply louder. 
"Sky, we aren't dating anymore it doesn't matter. I was going to take the picture off but I keep forgetting. Maybe if you'd wait until I explained then you'd understand." I hear him scream to me. "I-I'm sorry.." I say looking down. "No I should be sorry. I'm sorry I yelled at you. I like you a lot Skylar. And I want to protect you. But you can't get my anger to start at you. Because you probably couldn't handle it." I hear him say. I feel bad already. "I couldn't handle it? Do you know who you're talking to?" I say I'm a sassy tone as my hands turn into fist and they each connect to each side of my waist. 
Harry looks at me for a second and picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. "I'm really getting tired of getting carried everywhere!" I say as I laugh. "Well you're going to deal with it one more time." He chuckles. I then am thrown onto a sofa with Harry hovering over me. We stare at each other for a minute until someone barges into the door. "Harry I'm ho-" I hear a woman's voice. "Oh, I uh.. Sorry to interu-" "No it's fine mum." Mum? That's his mum? "Hi sweetie I'm Anne." The woman greets me. "Hello Mrs. Styles, I'm Skylar." I say. "Please, call me Anne. And technically it's Cox." She says with a smile. "What are you doing here mum?" Harry asks breaking the silence.
"Actually I'm leaving again. I just came to give you my credit card and some money. We're leaving for a week." She says. I see Harry roll his eyes. "Well I'm gone! It was nice meeting you, Skylar!" She says as she walks to the door. "You too." I say with a smile. "Remember Harry, protection." She winks and laughs. "Mum." Harry says as he shuts the door behind him. "I'm starving.. Lets eat." He says. 
"Just come on Sky!" I hear Harry's voice call from downstairs. "Out of all the dresses you see, you pick this one out of my closet?!" I scream hoping he'd hear me since I was upstairs. "You'd look cute in it." He said. I sigh and roll my eyes. Harry said we were going somewhere and he made me dress up. I pull the dark purple short dress down, trying to cover my bum. I feel like a street walker. Instead of heels I put on flats. I put on my invisible gloss so it can match my silver eyeshadow. I walk downstairs and see Harry sitting down on his phone. "You look beautiful, Skylar." "Thanks.." I reply. "Where are we going?" I ask. "Somewhere." I roll my eyes afraid of knowing where we were going. Now Harry was going to be all sweet? I look down at my bracelets seeing the rope burn. I think back to that day that I was beaten and I shudder at the thought. I walk outside of Harry's house and into his car. I wonder where he's taking me considering I've never seen the roads he's driving on before. We then arrive at a place I obviously never been too. And it was so amazing that I could fall over right now. And to think, Harry did it all just for me. The New Kid did. 
What do you think Skylar sees?! Ooohhhh.. ;) Thanks for reading and I hope you GORGEOUS people out there enjoy c; Love you. Xx <333333


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