Rescued My Heart

Callie has grown up with her father and best friend by her side and has a fun filled summer ahead of her, but when her dad tells her she has to live with her mother in London, her whole summer gets turned upside down... Not only does she have to face her mother who she knows doesn't want anything to do with her, she also knows she may run into her Ex-best friend. Louis. Yep Louis Tomlinson.


1. The News

"Oh Come on Callie" my best friend Savannah yells from downstairs.  

"I'm coming gosh!" I yell back grabbing my purse and checking my appearance in the mirror before running out the door and downstairs being greeted by Savannah, yelling at me while dragging me out the door.  

"We are going to be late for the second time this week" she tells as we begin to walk to school.  

-Callie's P.O.V- 

Thank god it's finally the last day of school. I think to myself as we quickly make our way down the block to the high school. "Ahhh Callie! can you believe today is the last day of high school? Or that next week is our 15 year friend-avarsary!" Savannah has been my best friend since we were 3, and we met through an old friend of ours...Louis. Ugh. Yep, that's right. Louis Tomlinson god just his name makes me clench my fists. We were best friends from the time we were 3 and were up until he went on the X-Factor and was put in his little band and he hasn't spoken to me since. If you can't already tell, I don't put up with people's shit like at all. It's not like I'm a bitch or anything I just grew up believing if someone leaves me then they aren't worth it, that belief began with my mother leaving me and my dad when I was 10. That bitch.  

"Callie...hey, Hellooooo???"  

"Oh...sorry I was just thinking"  

"About the last day of high school? I know! I can't believe It! Oh my gosh!" 

I trail off in my own thoughts as Savannah chatters away like her usual self as we walk into school. Thank god I'm never going to see half theses people again.  


I get home from school an throw my bag on the table and run into the kitchen, having not eaten breakfast. I look into the fridge to find close to nothing, I'm not surprised.  

"Dad! I'm running to the store! We have no food!" 

"Well don't you need money if you're grocery shopping?" He calls from upstairs  

"Just pay me back later" I yell up the stairs  

"Okay oh and we need to talk when you get back" 

"What about?" I ask rummaging through my purse looking for my keys 

"It's a long story" he says as he appears in the kitchen with a worried look on his face.  

"We'll it's obviously not good news by the look on your face" I say a little worried myself.  

" not really" he replies  

"Just tell me now. Please?" I say anxious to know.  

"Well... Uh I...uh want you to go visit...someone. Just for the summer..." 


"Well...uh honey...your uh...mother" 

"WHAT??! What happened everything you taught me?! Seriously dad?!"  

"Callie please. Honey let me explain..." 

"No dad. I don't need you to." 

I slam the door and get into the car and just go...I have no idea where I just need to get away...

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