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as Lilly and i finish singing we got to the interview. when we walked in we saw the boys walking towards us. we tried not to fangirl but we started to grin like idiots and i saw harry staring at us like he didn't know we weren't twins “hi I'm Lilly and this is my cousin Jenna” Lilly stated “ well this is harry ,louis, Zayn and Niall, I'm Liam” Liam said with a smile when staring at illy, and she smiled when blushing “I'm here for the stylist job and Lilly is here for the bodyguard job” harry takes my hand and Liam takes Lilly's. Lilly looks at me and I return the look. Liam takes Lilly to Paul and harry takes me to Mr. Cowell

after about an hour i come out of the office and see Lilly grinning “tell me what happened” i said “i got the job what about you” she replied quickly” i got the job too” the boys came out of the studio and brought us a coffee “thanks” me and Lilly say together. the boys just smile and laugh. i look at Lilly and she’s staring at Liam. i nudge her in the stomach and she giggles “he is a hottie” she whispered. “i know but you gotta let him go,he has a girlfriend” “i know” she admitted. then Zayn came towards us. “hey the boys and i want to know if you might want to come to the cottage with us” Zayn said with a huge smile. “i would but i-' Lilly cut me off “we would love to come” she said while giving me the death glare. i did want to go but I'm only 19 and so is Lilly. honestly Lilly doesn’t give a shit so she will go where she pleases. “c'mon Jenna it would be extremely fun please” “ fine” i give up “YAYYY” zayn shouts and gives us a hug he looks at me and blushes. i look at Niall and he does some pretty weird stuff he has some tooth paste on his eyebrows. 


Lilly's P.O.V

  i say to Jen “look its Alisha” Alisha is our 26 year old cousin “hey Alisha over here”i yell at her “hey Jen omg i haven't seen you in like, forever” she said and i saw Niall staring at her “Niall come here” i called Niall and he came “Niall this is Alisha and vice versa” i introduced them “hey Alisha do you play an instrument” Niall asked “ no but i want to learn how to play guitar”  she said blushing “ i could teach you” Niall replied and blushed too. i went to go talk to Liam he's cute.      
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