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5. GIVE IT!!!!

"So Zayn told you" I say awkwardly "yeah but I think its cool that you're coming it would be awesome and you could have the time of your life"Harry said winking. "Harry are you flirting with me"I said with a cheeky grin on my face. "Maybe, but C'mon it'll be fun it's not like anything bad would happen" Harry said as I was thinking about what could happen then my phone beeped it was Lilly.


J:    calm down I'm with Harry

L:    oh ok have fun 

I say bye and then harry took my phone. "HARRY GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!" I yell to harry while running after him. After about maybe 20 minutes of non stop chasing he finally gave my my phone back. "thank you harry" I say breathless. "Well Jenna your pretty fast how are you almost faster than me" Harry asked. "i was being trained by Lilly,you should see how fast she is on skates,anyway she was training me and then she got a little bit cruel and  told me i needed to be faster so i sped up and thats why I'm fast and strong"i reply "Harry.... how are you so fast"i ask him.He replies quickly"I'm just fast" he says and just as he comes closer then Taylor walks in the door "shit harry run"i say to him "hello harry long time no see"she says mischiviousialy. ok by now I'm yelling at him "HARRY RUN" "no Jenna i can handle this" i sigh  "harry i cant let you" "yes you can"by now harry and i are chest too chest.he puts  a hand on my waist and then kisses me.the kiss was so passionate I felt sparks. he pulls away just as i put and arm on his shoulder  

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