The Fight for Happiness. A Luke Hemmings Fanfiction



2. Last Day

Mables POV

It was the last day of school. I was with my best friends Andrea and Jayden. Andrea and I were posing for pictures, because Jayden wanted them for some reason. We were making the weirdest faces, and I got a text message from my boyfriend. His name was Luke Hemmings from Five Seconds of Summer, and he had been at my house before. He said "Want to hang out after you finish school? XOXO, Luke" I said "Hey Babe. I didn't know you were going to be around here!" He said "Is school almost finished?" I said "Yeah, it is actually over but everyone is having conversations with friends. I'm actually done now." I said to Andrea and Jayden "I have to go" I left and I drove home. My mom wasn't home, and I forgot that, and I rang the doorbell. Someone answered though. I saw Luke at the door. I jumped into his arms and he said "You're so beautiful. I haven't seen you since last summer."

Luke's POV

I finally got to see my beautiful girlfriend. I hadn't seen her in a month and she didn't feel the same. She felt different in my arms. A bad different. She felt really light, and she felt like a feather in my arms, she used to feel like 2 feathers. I said "Honey, I think you lost some weight" She said "Are you calling me fat?" I said "No babe. You look wonderful!" I said, swinging her out from my arms and into the house.

Mables POV

I swear he was lying, actually in a month, I gained 5 pounds. He couldn't have thought that I was lighter.


Alright, this isn't my best work, but there is going to be screaming in the next chapter for you, and you won't believe it.

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