She's Not Afraid.. Or Is She ?

Jayde Foster your normal crazy, funny, weird teenage girl. Is just hanging out with her BFF Alyssa at their flat. When Alyssa gets the craziest unbelievable phone call ever. It may just change their life forever.


5. Why Him ?

This Chapter is Dedicated to Cory. Yes, I know I'm late, But I haven't been able to update sooner. So this chapter will have three things going on. 1. Something in Jayde's P.O.V. 2. Something in Louis' P.O.V. 3. Something in Alyssa's P.O.V.  Don't get confused.. lol. But I'm gonna try and make this a long chapter. I have a lot of great ideas for this chapter. So Enough of my Authors Note. On to the chapter !


~Dedication; Cory Monteith.~ ~05.11.82.~ ~07.13.13.~


-Jayde's P.O.V.-

Luckily there was a bathroom in my bed room. I need a nice hot shower. I grabbed my IPhone, Went to my Music and played Bulletproof By; La Roux. One of my favorite songs. I stripped out of my clothes and hopped in the shower. It was nice and hot. Just what I need after a long stress full night. I washed my Long Blonde hair, Washed my Body, and hopped out. I wrapped a towel around me and walked over to my suite case. I still need to unpack. I grabbed my Favorite matching Bra and Panties. They were Red with Lace around them. I quickly threw them on, then found a pair of my shorts and a tank top. I walked back to the bathroom grabbed my IPhone, turned the music off and threw the towel in the hamper. I decided to go on twitter. I had like 200 new followers, and bunch of mentions. I decided to go through the mentions first.

@Crazymofos_x3; Hey @JayeJaye_x3 Was this you at the airport with 1D ? (Twitter Picture)

@Crazymofo_x3; @JayeJaye_x3 We still up for the movies tmrw ?

Oh shit I forgot about our movie plans. oops.

@JayeJaye_x3; @Crazymofo_x3 Sorry No.. I'm in the states right now.. Text me !

I tweeted out; @JayeJaye_x3; In the states again !

I went to my TL and started scrolling through it.. Next thing I knew I was seeing "Cory Monteith Dead" W-What ? T-This can't be true.

@FoxNews; Cory Monteith found dead at his hotel in Vancouver.

W-What ? N-No. First my break up... Now my Idol is dead ? I-I Can't do this. T-This can't be real. I-I need to find Alyssa and talk to her. By now I had tears streaming down my face.

I ran down stairs.. I found Zayn, Harry, & Niall downstairs... Where's Alyssa ? Where's Liam ? Where's Louis ? Maybe I should say that to them instead of thinking it. 

"G-Guys" That's all I got out before I bursted into tears. Damn it. I thought I was out of tears already.

They looked up at me, And they immediately knew something was wrong. They didn't say anything they just came over and hugged me.

-Louis' P.O.V.-

Maybe twitter was a bad idea..

all I saw was pictures of Lauryn and this guy kissing and holding hands... That's it. I'm done. I texted her;

~Text Conversation.~

Hey Lauryn. Have fun with your new boyfriend ! we're done. We're Over. There's no more of us. Have a nice time with him. Goodbye.

Oh Hey Lou ! I will have fun with my new boyfriend ! He's better in bed anyways. ;)

Oh okay. So you only wanted me for the sex ?

Uhm yeah !

Wow. Your pathetic. Goodbye.

I'm the pathetic one ?


Well you an your 'Band' are pretty desperate if you guys have two girls touring with you. Or is it just another publicity stunt ?

Just so you know we're not desperate. and no it's not. the two girls are actually Pauls daughters. I would just say someones jealous because you were the publicity stunt.

I am not jealous !

Yes you are. Your just upset cause you only got to date Louis Tomlinson for three weeks. and the girls get to be on tour with me. and I might just date one. Jealous much ?

Whatever  I don't have time for you.

No. I don't have time for you. I didn't have time for us. But I managed to make time for us. So now I don't have the time for you. So good bye.

~End Of Text Conversation~

I felt better after that. I locked my phone. and headed off down stairs. Once I got down stairs I heard crying.. and I saw NIall, Zayn, & Harry Huddled around someone..

"Hey guys.. " "Whats wrong ?"

"We don't know.." Jayde Won't tell us... all she's doing is crying.."

Oh shit.. what happened now..

-Alyssa's P.O.V.-

"Would a child do this ?" He said as he pulled into a parking spot. Once he parked he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back.

"Uhm. I guess not." "Would a child do this ?" I said as I got out of the car and ran into the store. I went and hide in the chip section. as I was running I heard Liam yell "Yes a child would." Ahh. I just kissed Liam Freaking James Payne. Is this real ? *Happy Dance.*

"Alyssa where are you ?"

"Gotta find me !" I said as I got up and ran off.

"I'll find you !" 

"We'll see about that !" I yelled as I ran into him.. "Oh look it looks like I found you, instead."

"Uhm, Yeah. Now come on let's get the food before Niall blows up my phone saying he's hungry."

"Kay." We got all the food. then went to check out. The cashier kept winking and crap to Liam. I couldn't help but get jealous. she gave Liam the receipt. and oh whjat do I find there ? her freaking number. So of course me being jealous..

"Uhm. Take your number back." "He's mine, Keep your eyes off of him."

"Uhm.. Okay.."

We walked out the store in silence.. until Liam spoke up..

"So what was that all about ?

"I was jealous." I know what your probably thinking.. Why didn't you just make up a lie or something ? well truth is, I'm not afraid to admit that I was jealous.

"So you were jealous ?"

"Uhm Yeah.."

"That's cute."


We put the groceries in the. got in and drove off. 

"So is there a specific time we have to be up by ?"

"Uhm, the boys and I have to be up by 10:30. We have an interview today at 2, and we have to be there by 1." "If you guys want to you guys can come."

"Okay. But i'm probably not gonna sleep..."

"Neither am I..." "It's already like what 6 in the morning ?"

"Yeah.." "there's no point in sleeping now.."

We got arrived at the house and we jumped out. grabbed the groceries. We walked in the house where we found everyone surround by someone.. what the fuck happened while we were gone ?

Okay so this chapter isn't as long as I intended it to be.. my bad. oops. Maybe I'll update later today. ;) If I don't update later today then I'll update tomorrow. :D Wel I'm gonna go work on My Brothers Best Friend. :) Byeeeeeeee.<3


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