She's Not Afraid.. Or Is She ?

Jayde Foster your normal crazy, funny, weird teenage girl. Is just hanging out with her BFF Alyssa at their flat. When Alyssa gets the craziest unbelievable phone call ever. It may just change their life forever.


2. The Phone Call.

So I know I haven't updated.. and I was supposed to update on the 5th. but my laptop broke. And right now I'm updating at my dad's office. and I had this fully typed. and then the internet crashed. :( I'm mad.. So I'm writing it all over again. You guy's are lucky.


-Jayde's P.O.V.-

"Lyssaaaaaaaaa." "Come on. Get away from the fridge. You hvae enough food for the movie."

"ugh. Fine"

"I don't undertsand how you eat so much, But gain no weight"

"It's All about that metabolsim."

Ugh. I Know. Now Com on before the movie starts !"

"I'm Coming."

This is how we spen our Friday nights . Watching Redbox movies. While everyone else is clubbimg or partying. But wee don't really like partying or clubbing... Too much bad memories.. So... Yeah.. Right now we're getting ready to watch A Haunted House.

Mama told me not to waste my life she said

Spread your wings my little butterfly don't let

What they say keep you up at night and if they

Give you shh.. they can walk on by.

"Alyssa Your phone is ringing !"

"Okay, I'm coming."

~Phone Call~

"Hello ?"

Is this Alyssa Higgins ?"

"Yes it is."

"i'm sorry to say but your mother has been in a car accident. She didn't make it.. So your father has decided you and you sister Jayde will be on tour with him. He doesn't want you two far away from him, so pack your bags. You'll be leaving at 2. A Officer will be by soon to drop off your plane tickets. Sorry for such short notice, Also sorry it has to be under these circumstances. Goodbye."

~End Of Call~

"Jayde !! Pack your Bags !!"

"Why ?"



"YES !"

"OMFG." "Let's pack !"

We packed everything we could. Then we heard a knock on the door. 

"hello officer !"

"hello, Is Alyssa Higgins here ?"

"Yes she is." "ALYSSA !"

"YES ?"



"hello Officer !"

"hello, Alyssa. Here's your plane tickets, to be flown to America. When you get to the airport your father and the boys of One Direction will be there waiting. So keep an eye out for them. I'll be back at 12 to you up, since your flight is at 2. See you in about 2 hours. Also sorry about your loss."

"Okay. Uhm. Thank You."


"AHHHHHH. I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS. AND I'LL TRY I'M NOT PROMISING YOU ANYTHING." "Wait what are we gonna do about Rocky ?"

"i'll call my cousin and see if she can watch her."

"Okay." Rocky is our puppy, by the way."

"I'll call her now."


~Mean While In America.~

-Louis' P.O.V.-



"You biys are gonna have two girls on tour with you. One of them is my daughter and the other one is her best friend which she is like my daughter also. So you hurt them, and You'll get hurt. Also when I'm not around you guys are gonna have protect them. Don't try anything with them either.. Got me ?"

"We got you" we said together.

"So when are we gonna meet them ?" I said happily.

"At the air port, when their plan lands..."

"Uhh.. Well.. That was obvious..."

"You think Lou." Harry said.

"Erg, Sushh or else i'm gonna go get Baby Lux."

"Oh what you two gonna do ?"

"You really wanna know ?"

'Uhm... No not really.."

"That's what I thought."

"You guys should really clean this place up."

"Ugh, Okay Paul." We said all together once again.

~Mean While At Jayde's.~

-Alyssa's P.O.V.-

Yes, My dad is Paul Higgins.. Did I forget to mention that ? It's actually pretty tough being Paul Higgins daughter.. He's never really around.. Well he was around until I turned 13. but before that he was around all the time. I don't really remember when I lived in Canada. But I remember when I lived in America.. That's when I met Jayde, We met when we were around 2. We both just clicked and we've been best friends ever since. when I was little, and my dad would be at work during the day, my mum would abuse me. But my dad never found out until one night when I was at Jayde's and he wanted me to come home, and I said I didn't want to.. then he eventually found out then she went to jail. Then a year later Jayde's dad died form caner and her mum couldn't take it so she started drinking, and my dad took her cause he was afraid she was gonna abuse her. So then we moved here to Doncaster. when we were 11. Then My dad got the job as a body guard, So when we were 13 he deiced to accept the job to be a body guard for singers on tour. So ever since then we never really saw him.. And all that was uncalled for.. But now you basically know our whole life.. awell. anyways. ever since he has had the job people have found out that I'm his daughter and people always ask Jayde and I if we have met One Direction ever since he was their body guard.. and we haven't.. But we've met Cody Simpson.. when that happened Jayde... Freaked out.. Worst/Best day of our lives. SO anyways.. I'm nervous on how she will act.. 

"Alyssa you ready, The officer is here to pick us up !"

"Yeah I am I'm coming." "It's been two hours already ?"

"Yeah Now Come On."

" Okay."

-Jayde's P.O.V.-

Well.. I'm meeting my idols and I'm going on tour with them.. Jayde do not freak out.. I kept telling my self this over and over. I'm really bad at meeting celebrities.. I freaked out when I met Cody Simpson.. I Really don't want a repeat of that...

right now we were on our way to the airport... Bye Doncaster.. See you in like 6 months maybe.. how ever long this tour is..

"Jayde shouldn't you text Ryan and tell him to meet you at the airport or something so you two can say goodbye ?"

"Yeah, I'll do that now."

~Text Message Conversation.~

Hey Ryan. :) Meet me at the airport please.

I'm sorry Megan but I can't. See you later tho. ;) You know what I mean.

Uhh. Please. I don't know what you mean. Cause this isn't Megan. So I think this relationship is over. Goodbye Ryan. Oh and by the way it's Jayde. But you know you won't have to worry about me for 6 months or so.

oh my god. I'm sorry Jayde can we please talk.


~End Of Conversation.~

By now I was crying.. Oh great just what I wanted to be walking through the airport crying.. Ugh. Should have known he was gonna cheat.. Well there went 5 months of my life a total waste. I really thought I was in love with him. ugh.. I won't be getting over this relationship anytime soon. Great.

"Jayde what's wrong ?"


"He cheated didn't he ?"


"I'm just gonna let you cry it out.."

"good Idea.."

We arrived at the airport.. We went through all that stuff you go through at the airport. then we boarded the plane.Here goes 8 hours of crying. Fun.

~8 Hours Later~

"Jayde I'll grab your stuff look for my dad."

"Their over there by that big crowd of girls."


We walked over to her dad.

"Where the car ?" I said kinda harsh.

"Hi to you to." "It's over there." He said pointing to it. I walked over got in and started bawling my eyes out once again.. There's no way I'm getting over this break up.

"Uhm Lyss whats up with Jay ?"

"Break up." "I wouldn't mess with her."

"I'm just surprised she didn't freak out like she did with Cody." My dad said bursting into laughter. I couldn't help but laugh to. That day was funny. While we were laughing the boys looked at us confused.

"I think we should get going..."

"Yeah." "Let's Go boys."

We got in the car, and there was Jayde Crying once again. I know they say don't cry over a guy.. but hey. that's they only way Jayde will get over him.

Soooooooooo... Sorry for the long wait ! I'll try to update again tomorrow if I'm with my dad.. Hopefully I am.. Even tho it's boring at his work ! Ugh. 


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