She's Not Afraid.. Or Is She ?

Jayde Foster your normal crazy, funny, weird teenage girl. Is just hanging out with her BFF Alyssa at their flat. When Alyssa gets the craziest unbelievable phone call ever. It may just change their life forever.


4. Only You.

The names for my chapters are stupid.. haha. xD



-Louis' P.O.V.-

"Do I make you nervous ?" that's the last thing she said before walking out of the room. Yes she makes me nervous. I mean have you seen her ? She's gorgeous. So of course she would make me nervous. But remember Lou your with Lauryn.. Ugh. Why is love so complicated ? I mean I don't even like Lauryn that much... It's basically for management cause they think with 2 of us being in a relationship will get us more fans or profit or what ever the bloody hell they want. I guess I might as well go find my room so I can some sleep since it's 6 in the morning and we have some interviews today. Fun.. I always enjoy these interviews their loads of fun. You find out things about your self you never knew. I walked to the kitchen to get something to eat before bed.. and oh there was nothing in the fridge.. Thanks Niall.. Looks like I'm going to sleep on a empty stomach great. I Found my room and my room happens to be right next to Jayde's... This is gonna be one fun tour. Might as well go twitter for a bit and see how everyone is doing..

Maybe going on twitter was a bad idea after all..

-Alyssa's P.O.V.-

"Hey Lyssa.. I was Wondering if you would go to the store with me.. Niall has eaten all the food..."

"Well.. I was gonna go see if Jayde was okay.."

"Pleaseeeeeeeeee. I don't wanna go by my self." He said with puppy dog eyes.

"Fine Liam. Let's Go."


"So how is it being 'Daddy Direction' in the house ?"

"It's fun. Because I get to be in charge." 

We walked out side to his got in and drove off.

"But it's hard at the same time... Because they'll eventually do something stupid when I'm not around... then you know what the next news artcile is... 'One Direction Ends Up In Jail.' That would not be a pretty article."

"Hahaha. As long as 'Daddy Direction' is there then they shouldn't end up in jail."

"I sure hope not."

"So what are we gonna get from the store ?"

"Food..." "Why do you ask so many questions ?"

"Because I'm Alyssa and I like asking questions."

"Yeah I can tell."

"Yep." I just sat there and pulled my phone and went to twitter.

"Now what are doing ?"

"Scrolling through twitter."

"Wait are @/xx_AlyssaPayne_xx ?" "Who always blows up my twitter ?"

"Uhm Maybe.." "Yes.." It's true I'm always blowing up his twitter..

"I hope you know I read every single one of your tweets too me.." "Your a dirty child at times.."

"Hey hey hey, I'm not a child."

"If you say so."

"Your the child if you ask me."

"Would a child do this ?"

So hey guys ! Short chapter I know. I'm sorry ! but guys BEST SONG EVER IS OUT. IT'S AMAZING. OMFG ASDFGHJKL. LET'S BREAK THE RECORD ! 

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