She's Not Afraid.. Or Is She ?

Jayde Foster your normal crazy, funny, weird teenage girl. Is just hanging out with her BFF Alyssa at their flat. When Alyssa gets the craziest unbelievable phone call ever. It may just change their life forever.


6. All Better ?

This is gonna be kind of a long Authors note. I have important news.. I have school coming up in 14 days.. so that means I won't be able to update everyday like I was going to try to. So I decided I will try to update Tuesday for this story and Fridays for My Brother's Best Friend. My original plan was that I was gonna update everyday expect for Mondays and Sundays. but then I remember I have school soon. so After this update I'll see Ya'll on Tuesday. :) Oh and I'm thinking about after I finish my stories, I'm thinking about doing a Connor Franta FanFic. I have it planned out. and I'm starting to write it ! But it won't be posted anytime soon ! But in the mean time just ~stay cloudy.~


-Jayde's P.O.V.-

Everyone was huddle around me hugging me,  while I stood there crying. Eventually Alyssa and Liam came home.

"What the fuck happened while we were gone ?" An angry Alyssa said.

"Uhm. Cory Monteith died.."

"Oh Snap, Crackle, Pop. Cory was her idol."

"Snap, Crackle, Pop ?" Harry said confused..

"Don't judge my choice of words."

"Well it's kind of unusual for someone to be like Snap, Crackle, Pop. In this kind of situation."

"Well at least I'm not going crazy and using profanity."


"I'm just gonna go to my room guys." I said while they continue fighting over Lyssa's choice of words. I walked upstairs and laughed as they all started arguing over Lyssa's "Snap, Crackle, Pop." Oh lord their just too much.. I got to my room, and walked over to my suit case and started to unpack. gonna be here for while might aswell unpack. I got everything unpacked. so I grabbed my Iphone and played some music I put on Neon Lights by Demi Lovato. I danced around my room whilst singing along.

"Hey- Oh having fun ?"

"Uhm, Why yes I am Louis."

"Can I join ?"

"Uhm, No. I'm actually getting ready to back down stairs to get something to eat."

"Well, I came upstairs to ask you if you wanted to come to Nando's with us."

"Uhm Yeah Let me get dressed in something otherwise than sweat pants."

"Nah, Come on you bloody beautiful."

Did he really just say that ? Does he really think that ? oh my god. No Jayde, don't fall for him. you'll just go through another heart break. don't do it.

"You really thin so ?"

"I said that out loud didn't I ? but yes I do."

"Uhm yes you did say it out loud."

"Oh.. Well.. This is awkward.."

"It's only awkward because your making it awkward."

"If you say so."

"Well come on let's go down stairs with everyone else so we can go get some food ! I'm h u n g r y."

"Alright alright."

He really meant it.. he really did.. Jayde don't you fall head over heels for him okay ? we walked down stairs to everyone and we all walked to the car and hooped in. okay not literally hopped in but you know what I mean.


A/N Okay so I know nothing about Nandos.. I've never been to the UK.. So if I get things wrong about the UK, I'm sorry.💕

"So what were your guys' life like before you came over here ?"

"Boring.. Normal." Lyssa said.

"We didn't really have interesting life, We never really did anything."

"So did you guys like ever go clubbing or go to parties ?" Zayn asked.. I think that's the first time Zayn has ever really talked to us.

"Nope" Lyssa said.

"Nope.. We're not about that life. We would rather stay home and watch movies, then go out and get drunk and go home to get banged by some hot guy. We are totally not about that life." After I said that every one's mouths dropped open...

"So what your saying is you guys have never been to a club ? You've never gone to a party ?" Niall asked.

"Well we've been to the club once, But we didn't like it, there was too many sweaty people, to many drunks. It was the most disgusting place ever. & we've been to a lot of parties.. we just don't really like going to parties.."

"So if we were to go to a club right now, you wouldn't go ?" Liam asked amused.

"Well I wouldn't go, Because for one I'm not dressed to go clubbing, and two I don't like clubs, and for three I don't drink alcohol." I said..

"Well I would go, I wouldn't mind if it was with you guys.. but there is no way I will drink alcohol."

"So can we go clubbing ?" Liam asked.

"Yeah, I'll go." Lyssa said.

"You guys can go I'll just go back to the house."

"I'll go back to the house with you so your not alone." Lou said.

"Okay, So it's settled I'll call a cab for you two, and we can walk to the club I heard there's club down the street from here."


The cab got here and me and Louis hopped in and started talking away.

"So Lou, Why'd you choose to stay with me ?"

"Because I don't want you to be alone."

"But you could have gone out with them instead, you would have more fun with them." I said as the cab came to a stop in front of the house.

"Nah, I think I would have a lot more fun here with you than I would at the club with everyone else."

"We'll see about that." I said whilst winking.

we walked towards the house Louis was in front of me. We got to the door and I go to step inside.. and I trip. of course I would trip. Today is not my day. Luckily Louis caught me, but we both fell to the ground.

"Thank you Lou for catching me." I said whilst getting up. I got up and walked away.

"You know the least you could do is come back and help get up."

"Yeah, but that would ruin the fun." Next thing I knew I was being pickup and got put on the couch. straddling me whilst tickling me.

"Lou I'm sorry ! Next time I will help you just stop tickling me & get off me."

"But that would ruin the fun !"

"But this won't !" I said whilst grabbing his face and kissing him. He pulled away..

"Oh your right that wont ruin the fun." he said before grabbing my face and snogging me again. We were both smiling through the kiss. It had seamed like we had been kissing for like 12 hours but in reality it was like 12 minutes we were having a major snog make out session until the door opened..

"Oops.. Looks like we interupted something.." Harry said..

"YOU GUYS GET A BLOODY ROOM." Liam yelled...

"Lou I think that's our cue to run." I said breaking the kiss.

"Yeah, let's go." We ran to my room, whilst hearing laughing coming behind us..

"see that didn't ruin the fun at all.. It was a lot more fun than I expected tonight to be."

"I could make it more fun." Lou said smirking.




So I'll see y'all on Tuesday ! Hope you enjoyed this chapter.😚😍😜💕 ~☁Stay Cloudy.☁~

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