The Awakening

For the Shadow and Bone competition

Lyra Jonassan used to be normal. Until she woke up one day.


1. The Awakening

Chapter One:



"Lyra! Oh Lyra!" I groaned as I heard my father call to me. "Its your last day of school!" 


"Coming father." I called. My fading British accent clung to my normally American sounding voice. I let my feet hang from my bed before I let them touch my blue shag rug. I walked sluggishly towards my dresser and pulled out a black on white tank top and pink shorts. I combed through my brown hair and didn't bother with make up. I walked into the kitchen pulling on my black ankle boots. 


"Morning Lyra, my darling." I heard my mother say from the table.  She was still in her furry poof robe and her hair was a mess.


 "No work today mum?" I said as I sat a crossed from her. 


"No dear no work for me." her mother said slowly.



I had no idea that when I left that house for school, that I would be abducted. I had no idea what would unfold.  I was walking to school that morning when I saw them. They were wearing black suits, I figured they were lawyers or something so I ignored them. I hated corporations and those that defended them so this was the norm for me, I ignored them until one of them grabbed at me. I turned around so fast that my sunglasses fell off my eyes and shattered on the concrete at my feet.


"What the hell do you wa-" I stopped mid sentence because from my eyes a red line of fire I suppose burst from my eyes and turned the creepy lawyer dude to dust. I started freaking out, and hyperventilating I fell to the ground beside the pile of ash and briefcase and clawed at my face. Until the other lawyer came over to me, and put his arms over his head and said in a steady voice, I closed my eyes. 


"Come with me Lyra." I looked up and looked at him his eyes were reptilian and his skin was scaling over.


"What do you want from me?"


"Your power." the Lizard Lawyer hissed at me. I tried to run, but all I could do was crab walk backwards. He grabbed me ankle and twisted far enough that I heard an audible snap. I screamed out in pain until he placed his silk hankie over my face, it smelled sickly sweet, and I started to drift off into oblivion. I suddenly remembered science class, Chloroform had a sickly sweet scent to it. Like lilacs and a candy shop got busy and reproduced. 


When I woke up I was in a dark room, and my eyes were covered with a cloth. I was shackled and I couldn't move. I felt powerless and confused. I was a seventeen year old British girl with a power she didn't know she possessed and somehow creepy Lizard Lawyers did. And they wanted to harvest that power from her. I heard the door creak open and the hissing commenced. 


"Girly we're going to take you to our Leader. Don't try anything." I felt a scaly hand and a sharp talon unlock my shackle on my hands and another unshackle my ankles. I didn't do anything I was far too tired. They held my arms tightly and led me through the darkness until we came to a stop. 


"State your buisssssssiness here." I heard.


"We have the prisssoner for Master Komodo." the guard to my left said.


"One moment pleassse." I heard the click of a door and then a conversation in the Lizard Lawyer hisses and then, "Follow me Master Komodo will see you now." I was pushed forward and forcefully put into a straight back metal chair. Chains were wrapped around me and the cloth was replaced with purple tinted sunglasses. What did they think I was? Cyclops? 


"What do you want from me?" I asked angrily. "If I'm late for finals I swear to God I'll turn you to ashes!" It was a half hearted threat I didn't know how to make the fire come out of my eyes just yet. But they seemed scared. Komodo silenced them and said peacefully.


"I simply want your assistance. Taking over the world! My people have cowered underneath your city streets far too long. Mistaken for discarded pet alligators and crocodiles. We all want revenge and you as our Queen we may have it by the end of this year!" I sat there invisibly blinking in disbelief that they well Komodo thought I could take over this world.


"Uh, how?"


"Why with your powers of course. Lyra, together we will rule this world and the mere mortals will be our slaves!"


"Um, again how?"


"Oh, I will train you. You are not mortal my dear. No no. You hail from the planet of the Gods! You like your precious Wonder Woman, but you are from the farthest planet but the most powerful in this Solar System. You are the Princess of Pluto!"


"Pluto isn't a planet,"


"Now it isn't because its too small."


"Okay so an alien, me, and lizard people are going to take over the world? By the end of this year?"


"Yes that's the plan."


"Alright. I'm in." I smiled deviously. Finally I could prove I could do something. So what if its evil, at least people will notice me.

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