The Awakening

For the Shadow and Bone competition

Lyra Jonassan used to be normal. Until she woke up one day.


2. Becoming the Queen

I Lyra Jonassan was scared. Not because of my rash decision to become the Evil Queen of legends but because I was leaving behind my parents. The only human beings who I suppose aren't, who gave a crap about me. I looked myself in the face the mirror didn't lie, how could it? The mirror reflected back a scared girl who was marrying a Lizard man, to take over the world. I again heard my name called from beyond the concrete door and placed the head piece on my head. I looked at myself in the mirror once more and looked over myself. I wore a long red silk wedding gown with jet black stiletto heels and my face was beautiful, aside from the tinted sunglasses that covered my eyes. The head piece consisted of black roses and diamonds. Millions of tiny rubies and other gems I had no clue of their names. 


"Lyra! Come on." I heard someone shout. I groaned and opened the door. I was greeted by two human girls, obviously servants or slaves. They looked strangely familiar to me probably because they were human girls they all looked the same to me. I followed them down the corridor to the throne in which I had decided my fate just mere moments ago. As I entered the vast room it had been transformed from a drab concrete box to a magnificent piece of art. Millions of microscopic diamonds hung from the ceiling giving the illusion of stars, the ground once stained an odd brown was now painted black with a single red carpet rolling down the center leading to the two thrones on top of a make shift stage. My servants disbanded and went in different directions and I was instructed to stay put at the entrance. My future husband came in through the side entrance, instead of being the lizard man I had met earlier, he was a handsome teenage boy with golden hair and yellow reptile eyes. He was tall and muscular. A trumpet sounded and I was nudged forward. As I neared my future king my butterflies melted away. Together we would bring the end of human kind. Together I would be known. 



"We are gathered here to celebrate the joining of two worlds. Alien humanoid and  Reptilianoids. Princess Lyra of the planet Seran and Prince  Komodo of the planet Scalian. 


Do you, Princess Lyra take Prince Komodo to be your royally evil husband?"


"I do." I smiled,


"Do you Prince Komodo take Princess Lyra to be your royally evil wife?"


"I do." he hissed.


"Do you as the witnesses have any objections as to why these two shall not be married? Speak now or forever hold your peace."


There were no objections, but the man/lizard waited a few more moments...


"No? Alright, you may kiss your bride." I've kissed a snake before, but this wasn't anything like it. It was nice, warm and inviting. I was married. I was sixteen. I was the evil Queen.

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