Hollie is a normal girl, when one day she was driving along a road when something unusual happens, after that her life is changed forever


4. Nightmare

I looked out of the window,it had started to drizzle. We arrived at the Hotel and walked in. We were in room 310. I was still in shock from earlier. We went into the hotel room and unpacked our stuff. Luckily,our room had 6 beds.i was still hungry,so I went to the cooler and took out a pack of crackers. Katelyn followed me,she scared the crap out of me! "Shoot!" I whisper-yelled as I stubbed my toe. I looked at her and gave her a glare. "Yes" I said, "nothing" she replied.i heard a knock at the door and looked through the peek hole.It was the boys of one direction. I opened the door and they ran into the room. Liam slammed the door, breathing heavily as he did so. "Um" I was in shock. Katelyn walked beside me and looked wide eyed at me. "Uhh" I could barely say. "C-can we stay here tonight?" Louis gasped for air. "S-sure" I said unsure "thanks" niall said. "Would you like something to eat"I said questionly. I was out of words,I was unsure of what to say. "L-louis can I ask you s-something" I questioned. "Sure" he said. I pulled him into the bathroom. "Earlier" that's all I could manage to say. " oh yeah, earlier" he looked at the ground. " why did you decide to talk to me, why not to one of the other fans?"I asked. "I think your different" he said" good different"he added "your pink hair,and your balloon shirt." He said. "I- I" I couldn't get out the words before he pulled me into a he pulled out of the kiss, he whispered something in my ear. I believe he whispered 'i love you'. I whispered the same thing back. We walked out of the bathroom,and all the others were asleep upstairs. All of the other boys were with the other girls. Niall and steph,briana and harry,Liam and katelyn, then Rachel and zayn.there was one bed left,so me and louis slept in that one. And not the perverted way! I laid me head on his chest and went to sleep.


 I could remember it vividly. The horrid screams,the smoke and flames.the sky was filled with  dark clouds,lightning cracked across the sky.i saw a girl and she was dreadful looking.her ripped shirt,scratched up pants,and dirty face. She had an evil grin on her face. I tried to communicate on my iPod but she had changed the passcode.then,my face turned pale, I saw a human like figure behind her. "Looking for someone?" she screeched. " yes" I said strongly. " well take a look behind me" she said. I fell to the ground and cried, it was Louis. I knew I would never see him again if I didn't fight. "NO!" I yelled and plunged at her,she hit me and I hit the ground with a loud thump."anything else" she said with an evil smirk. She then pushed me into a black pit and I fell. I was looking around,I saw memories, great memories of me and louis together.i then hit ground,I was in the middle of no where. I had to find louis,I thought.i ran and ran.i was thirsty,hot,and hungry but I kept running. I then found the meadow that it all happened and saw the girl. I ran into her and pushed her to the ground.i never felt as if I had this force before. I began to punch her, and then I pushed her off the cliff near me. I then walked over to louis. It began to snow and I got cold.his lips were blueish,so I put my scarf on him.i looked at his lifeless body and cried. I laid down beside him. I felt my body go numb and I knew that I was drifting off into the never ending cold sleep.i didn't care though, all that mattered to me is that I would be with the one I loved the most.

                  **~after dream~**

i woke up panting. I was sweating and hot. I looked at louis,his mouth was slightly open. I cried a bit. Louis woke  and saw me. "What's wrong" he asked worriedly. "I-I,yo-ou were d-dead a-and a d-de-emon k-killed you" I cried silently."don't worry" he said "I'm right here" he kissed my forehead. I buried my head into his chest and we drifted to sleep.

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