Hollie is a normal girl, when one day she was driving along a road when something unusual happens, after that her life is changed forever


2. Midnight tumble

My friends were at my house when I got home to surprise me. It was my birthday! My friends Rachel,katelyn,steph,and briana were there, my main friends.they had the best surprise ever! One direction tickets! "Thanks guys" I said! They were spending the night at my apartment because it was like 12:00am.~~~*3:00am* I heard a bumping noise coming from down stairs,I was really scared. "Katelyn" I whispered "KATELYN" I whispered louder. "Huh" she whispered. "There's a bumping sound coming from the kitchen, please come into the kitchen with me to investigate"I said softly "ugh fine" she said under her breath. The tricky part was going down the stairs. Just then we heard a loud man fart coming from my parents room. We started to laugh silently and uncontrollably.we heard a pot drop and jumped back. We began to walk down the stairs and I tripped. "I'm doomed" I whispered. Just then I tumbled off of the bottom step and hit the hard wood floor. "Ouch" I winced in pain as I looked at my arm. A huge cut was on my hand. Katelyn was silently laughing her butt off at the top of the stairs. She then came down the stairs too. I took the closest thing to me,a pillow,I then turned on the kitchen light and started thrashing around with the pillow and then I looked up, I saw Stephanie putting back the whipped cream."why the heck are you up eating whipped cream at 3:00 in the morning?!"I whisper yelled. "I wasn't eating whipped cream" she said "then what were you doing with it?!" I said. "You'll see"she whispered. She walked back up stairs and fell asleep, so did katelyn. I however,was still awake. "Ugh what did that girl do t-" I was cut off by a light flickering on, my parents had woken up from all the noise. I fake slept and then aventually fell asleep on my own, still wondering what steph had ment by "you'll see"

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