Hollie is a normal girl, when one day she was driving along a road when something unusual happens, after that her life is changed forever


3. Best day ever!

I woke and was looking around. I blinked my eyes, it stung because they were quite dry. And then I briana's face. Covers in whipped cream and ice cream toppings.she looked like an I've cream cone. I really tried to hold back laughter,but I couldn't, I burst out laughing and everyone woke up. Then Katelyn,Rachel,and steph saw it. Briana's face turned red with joyous tears,she didn't care. And besides who could be in happy when the concert was that day!


we were in the arena and I looked around,front row! I hugged the closest person next to me, it was Katelyn. "Stop!" She gasped for air. My friends say I have 'the death hug'.the concert was about to start and I was about to starve.i got a giant pretzel and nearly ate it in one bite. "God, you have a big mouth"Rachel said staring at me.i just shrugged and kept chewing.About 30 minutes later the concert was the best moment of my was like paradise. My role models stood right infront of me.i guess I would be noticed because I was the only one with dyed pink,curled they sang I noticed one of them in the corner singing,he was walking in my direction.he had dark brown hair,amazing grayish,blueish eyes, a lot like mine.he had a black shirt on and red jeans. He looked at me and it seemed like everything changed. Everything went silent but us two.his beautiful eyes gazing into mine.i had a shirt with 3 balloons on it,1 yellow,and 2 blue. He blew me a kiss and slowly walked to the other end of the stage,yet keeping a close eye on me. I did the same. 

       **~after the concert~**

i was walking out and was grabbed by something, my normal self I would've panicked,but the grip was so soft,and I was to limp after jumping and twisting my ankle,so I let him drag me behind the gates. I opened my eyes to see him,to be face to face with Louis Tomlinson. I was shocked when at that moment,he pulled me into a kiss. And hugged me. "what is your name" he asked me. I was shocked and stumbled over my words " I-I'm H-Hollie" I said. He handed me a slip of paper,it was his number. "Call me later"he said "I love you" he said softly "I-I love you too" I whispered.he looked at my pink,curled hair,and my balloon shirt. "I love your hair". He said he had to go and he hoped to see me later. He kissed my cheek and ran off. I actually felt special for once. I went back to my mom."where were you?" She Asked "in the bathroom" I replied.we went to the hotel near the arena,'that was the best day ever' I thought,with a smile on my face.

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