Hollie is a normal girl, when one day she was driving along a road when something unusual happens, after that her life is changed forever


1. An unusual drive

As my car drove silently along the country road,something seemed unusual. The sun was shining and the grass was swaying in the wind. Something still seemed unusual about today. As I was thinking of how amazing it would be to see one direction in concert, I was listening to the radio and they were about to announce the winner of the one direction tickets. I prayed that I would win. They announced the winner,yet it wasn't me. I was upset and angry I kept driving but slower.i was thinking how lucky that person is! When all of the sudden something flew over me.just then the sky got dark and I saw lightning,it suddenly became night .. I slammed on the brakes and screamed. It came up to my car,and I looked at it. It had cyan eyes, dark blue flowing hair,wings and a horn. It looked like a horse with no hoof line,or a princess. As it alighted on the ground I noticed something strange about it,and I didn't know what it was, I didn't even know what the creature was.i got out of my car and the horse flew up to me and spoke "something will happen will happen to you, something in your wildest dreams" it then flew up infront  of the moon and looked at me. "W-what" I whispered, "who are you" I said. As the creature started to fly away, it heard me "I am the creature of wishes" and then it flew off. "Wait!" I yelled, "what do you mean something will happen!"I added. "Please come back!" The creature was gone now,but I was full of questions. " what does that mean" I whispered to myself. "Ugh!" I said as I was getting more confused by the second. I got back in my car and went home, it was no longer night anymore. It was bright and sunny. Questions were still racing through my head, 'what does she mean' I thought 

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