The story about us (one direction fanfiction)

We were together for 7 months but one accident changed it all.
"Ready?" "yes, you look great." She smiled and grabbed my hand. "You too, gorgeous." I smiled. She blushed. Focusing to the road again, I notice there a big truck on our way in its full speed. What the hell? I kinda panicked because it was coming in our way. "Zayn! Watch out!" She screamed. I'm still focusing in the road but there's no other way. Cars were all in our sides and I cannot turn left or right. Then I heard Hailey whisper, "Zayn, I Love you.." "I Love you to, Hailey.." I replied. And after that, EVERYTHING WENT BLACK.


"Zayn, she got into a an amnesia. They said she can remember something if someone will let her remember. It's not sure yet. But the doctor said she can't remember anything for the past 7 years." Her mom explained. What? 7 years? That means she has forgotten me. Everything since the day we first met.. Everything we'ves been through. EVERYTHING. But I'm going to change that someday.


1. meet Hailey jane moretz

Do you hate school? Of course most of us do. Why did I even ask that question. Sorry, I'm stupid. But we have our own different reasons. Some, because school is tiring (obviously) and some, because of the people in school. Don't get what mean? Well, what I'm trying to say is, when people criticise you. 

Want me to explain any further? 

I'm bullied.. For three years to be exact. I've been treated like a loser and I feel all alone. I've been called names and people have made up rumours about me. Compared to the other girls at school who are skinny and pretty I just feel plain, and sometimes when I look in the mirror I feel disgusted at what I see. 

"Hailey Jane Moretz!!" Mom screamed my full name again. When she does this, It means she's angry or something. 


"Are you even listening? I said I saw them because you left them last night in the living room." Mom said and I rolled her eyes. 

Wow. What a nice way to treat her daughter. 

"Oh. I'm sorry. We forgot to tell you. We're going to Ireland. Just a vacation. We always have work and I think we need a rest. Just this time. Hope you don't mind. We'll be back in a month or two." She replied and left my room helping dad with the bags. 

"Bye hung! Do good in school! We love you!" 

They love me? Oh really? Hahahahahah no. 

I don't really think my parents even care about me! They're always away. Work and work and work and now.. A vacation? I don't want to tell parents that I'm bullied in school. Well, its no use.. Because they don't fuckin care. 

So what is this? My life will turn into one of those teen fiction stories that while their parents are away, they go parties every friday , do badass things and meet the love of their life? Ha, I highly doubt that. 

After taking a bath, I put on some random shirt and some black pants. I'm not really interested in 'fashion'. Well, mabey a little but I don't really spend hours choosing my outfit and doing my make-up or whatever shit girls usually do. 

I went to the kitchen and pulled out a jug of milk and reach into the cabinets for a bowl and some cereal. After eating breakfast, I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. After that, I grabbed my glasses (not those nerd ones though) ..but that doesn't mean I'm a nerd! No! My eye doctor just said I'll be wearing this for a year but if my eyesight is still not great, I have to wear this for more years. 

I'm not those type of girls who wears a lot of make-up. Sometimes, I would just use face powder and some lip tint. 

Unlike other girls in school.. Let me describe them for you; plastic, too much make-up bleach blond hair, orange skin, constricting dresses, and shiny, pear white teeth, thick black long fake eyelashes, veryyyy short shorts and tops exposing their cleavage. Eww! I would never hold a conversation with one of those people. 

Mabey if they could eat some of those make-up they could be pretty on the inside.

I really hate the subjects of, who is cheating on who, who slept with who, who is making the most money, who is the handsome, who is the hottest guy, who drives the fastest car, who died from overdose,etc.. Because you know what!? I really don't give a fuck! 

Snapping out of my thoughts, I went to my car. Well, its my car.. But I have a driver. I know how to drive but sometimes I get lazy.. And to avoid accident, my parents hired a driver. Funny huh? They cared... For me? Naah! Mabey its not me.. Mabey its the car they gave me. 

My driver smiled at me smiled at me and I greeted him. 

"Good morning Alfredo." I smiled. 

He just smiled back. He's kinda shy but I didn't mind. He knows what's happening to me in school.. That I'm bullied. I won't let him tell my parents too. Sometimes when I'm bullied, I fight back but I would just receive more negative comments from those jerks and sluts.

I turned on the radio. I like this song. Skyscraper by demi lovato. 

The song ended as I got out of the car but my driver said something that made me smile. "You know Hailey, you have a very nice voice. You should song ,more and show other what you've got." He said. 

"Thanks." I smiled and made my way to the gates. 

Ugh these gates. Lots of bad memories from last year and I'm sure there will be more in this year. 

I have high grades in school but I don't like to socialize with anybody. Well, no one likes to socialize with me I'm used to it. People hate me because they thought I'm this "feeling close" bitch to Harry Styles. Yep. 

Harry Styles.

He's popular and he's my best friend.. Outside the school. Here in school, were not "close" but he doesn't treat me like crap unlike other people including his slutty girlfriend, Kate German.

I wonder why Harry chose her to be his girlfriend. Kate doesn't deserve Harry, really. Kate is one of those slutty girls in school and she's popular. And of course, she's one of those people whom treats me like crap.

Do people like her really fall for people like her? Despite who they are? 

She hates me because she thinks I'm stealing Harry. And because she hates and she's popular, people would also hate me. People don't want to make friends with me because they don't want to be bullied too. Horrible life. 

Well, going back to harry.

Weird right? He's popular and he's nice to me. We became best friends since my family and I moved here to London. 

We're neighbors. I hate it when People judge quickly. They don't know me and they don't know what I've been through. I fell in love at the age of 15 and I'm still in love with the same guy. Yes. 

Harry Styles.

Yes I'm in love with my best friend. I know what you think. Its just puppy love! You're to young blah blah blah. Well, mabey it is puppy love but its a different one. 

But I'm not one of those girls who would do anything just to get a guys attention And flirt! No way! I would just smile to him and mumble a "hello" and he would just also smile back.

But honestly, those dimples make my heart race. I really love his curls.. Everything about him.. Except for his friends of course. I'm also glad he didn't have the same attitude. With his popular friends who would do anything just to look cool.

I made my way to my locker to get my books. And as usual, I'm welcomed with negative comments I used to hear everyday last school year. 

"I'm trying to think of Nice compliment, but somehow nothing comes to my mind."

Ew. When was the last time your self in a mirror?" 

"Roses are red, violets are blue, I have 5 fingers, the 3rd ones for you"

"I had a nightmare. I dreamt I was you."

"Who picked out your clothes? A blind guy who hates you?"

"I'd kick you in your teeth, but why should I improve your looks?"

"I'd slap you, but shit stains." 

Oh come on! Don't they have anything new? Were those researched or something!? I just went straight top my locker and grabbed my books. Suddenly, someones laughing behind me. I look back and its.. 

Kate German.

With her usual looks of course. Very slutty clothes with a lot of make-up. You know what they say about women who wear too much make-up? They're ugly.

I braced myself for yet another negative comment. 

"Hey bitch. Missed me? How was your summer? I bet it was horrible. Unlike mine, it was perfect. Just like my looks. I see. Still ugly huh? Oh wait, you'll always be ugly! And I'm beautiful." she said with that evil smile I hate. She thinks it looks good? Hell no.

"It looks like your makeup was put on by a bunch of four year olds learning how to finger paint. I've seen clowns with a more natural look than that. Bitch please. I can remove 90% of your 'beauty' with a Kleenex." I shot back.

I heard a lot of "ooooohhhhhssss" 

"Hmm.. Fighting back now? Well, it looks like you forgot who your talking to. You have no right to talk to me like that!!"

"Ohhh. You're hurt? Well, the truth hurts." I said as I grabbed my science and math book.

Shit. My glasses fell! Everything is a blur.

"You bitch!" She was about to slap me but someone stopped her.

I picked up my glasses, fixed it and saw Harry holding her wrist.

"What? I'm not allowed to slap this--

"Kate, let's go." Harry said as he grabbed Kate.

"No Harry! This bitch deserves a slap! Can't you see? She insulted me!  Does that mean your in her side? She argued pulling her hand back.

"No, kate--

"Oh I see. You don't love me anymore? Harry, I thought you have high standar---

"Kate, just stop!! Let's go." Harry said. Annoyingly while grabbing her and walking away. 

I walked away to the opposite direction and mumbled "slut"

She just rolled her eyes.

Ugh, I hate it when she does that! 

I hate her. Not because she's Harrys girlfriend. I just hate her for all those things she has done to me. She doesn't deserve Harry. I wonder why Harry chose her. I mean, look at her! But maybe its for Harrys reputation. Duhh. Popularity.

Interrupted my thoughts, I bumped into someone. Then something fell out of he's or her hands that made me really swear.

A mirror........!?


Authors note; heey guys sorry it sucks I know I'm sorry I try my best hope u guys like it ;D


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