Guardian of the Sun

This story comes from a mix of other stories in my head, most I may not post. I plan to make a series out of this, if possible. It is based on an ancient world that I came up with. I also took some ideas out of Marked and The Lightning Thief, but they are minor I am not steal an part of the story. A girl named Kayla learns about it and faces an evil unimaginable that might bring her undoing.


1. Taken-Prolouge

     An eagle flies into a secluded valley, in the midst of giant mountains and makes towards a lake in the center of a great gathering of pine trees.  The winds have called him here to witness what is about to happen.  These winds bring whispers of the past, present, and future.  But that is all they are, whispers.  It frustrates the eagle that it could not enlighten him further on this event, so he decides to see it for himself.

    The first sign of something of the unnatural is that the noonday sun rays are not reflected in the lake.  It seems as if they are swallowed by the lake.  Curious, the eagle begins to circle around the lake to get a closer look.  When he was about the same height of the pine trees, he noticed at the far end of the lake two girls.  As he flies towards them; he looks down and sees the reflection of a sky blue eagle with white patches staring straight back at him.  The eagle falters in shock, he usually does not see his reflection on Earth.  Gaining more altitude he starts to circle around the girls.  He notices a log cabin not far from the lake and hears the creaking of a rocking chair as someone rocks back and forth underneath a roofed patio.  He lands in the pine branches near the girls, unseen and unheard by them, and watches them with storm gray eyes.  One of the girls, golden blonde hair with green eyes, looks worriedly at the other girl, black hair with dark brown eyes, who looks defiant.

      "I don't know Leah," says the light haired girl, "I do not like the look of the water."

      "The water looks fine Sarah", replies the dark haired one, "You are just being silly."

       "But Mama always says to stay away from dark shadows and the lake is full of them.  She says they are dangerous," says Sarah anxiously.

       The eagle turns his gaze to the lake.  His gaze shift into his world and sees instead of a clear blue lake, a pit of shadows and darkness.

     "Mama tells those stories to scare us," states Leah with exasperation, "Here I will prove to you that it is harmless."

      Over the protests of her sister, Leah wades into the shallows.  Sarah tries to get her to come back but Leah ignores her and swim farther out.

   "See the water is fine," calls Leah to her horrified sister.  No sooner she spoke the words, a thread of shadow rears up and wraps around Leah's chest.

        Leah notices and calls out, "Sarah! Help Me!"

         Sarah immediately runs toward her sister, but a women appears behind Sarah and grabs her before she reaches the lake.

       "Leah! Leah!" Sarah cries, struggling futility against her mother.

       "There is nothing you can do", says her mother sadly.  Sarah collapses against her and sheds many tears as her sister is dragged to the middle of the lake and pulled under.  The eagle observes with satisfaction.  Today is the beginning to right our terrible wrong.  He takes off towards his home to spread the news as grief stricken Sarah is lead by her mother into the cabin.

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