Dear Love

The story is about a girl that has always a guy on her mind and in her dreams, he's not real but she wants to meet him. that's all she wants. she becomes best friends with the new guy of school, maybe he's the one she's looking for...?


1. The Beginning

* i wish he could hold my hand, that i could see him wake up in the morning and make break fast for him. to see him smile, and i'm the reason. and that he loves me as much as i love him. well that's the wish i want, the wish that i wished every day, and dreamed about. 


i woke up, alone again. and there was one guy, that came into my head. i din't know him for real, but he was in my head. i wanted to know him. even if i knew he wasn't real. i painted him, i writed  songs about him. i showered and i was again thinking about that guy. it was the first day of school. i still had a little bit of time to do some stuff, like writing a song. after that, my school bus came. i gave my dog a hug and a kiss. my mom was still sleeping, so i din't wake her. i walked into the bus. everybody was talking and talking. i was putting my music on and thinking about my new song for idea's. then a new guy came into the bus. he walked to me and wanted to sit next to me. he was looking at me like he saw a ghost. but i din't care. i was still looking out the window and thinking. the guy wanted to talk to me, but i din't let him. i was just not in the mood for talking. "Hey, i'm Juan, what's you're name? If i might ask..." he said eventually. "i'm Jenna" i said. he saw i din't want to talk. so that's the only thing he asked. we were finally in school. and the bell was ringing. i was going to the class. and there he was again. that guy from the bus. he looked at me and smiled. it was kinda cute. i was sitting next to him. This year just has to be better then last year. that was just a really bad year. my parents got divorced, not really a good year for love and stuff. i felt that it would be a great year. but i just wanted to knew who that boy was of my dreams! i din't want to think about it anymore. so i walked to Juan, and talked to him. he gave his number to me. " Here, my number if you need me call me anytime i don't care for what." said Juan. the whole day we were together, getting to know each other better. we became friends, so i told him about the guy that was always on my mind. i saw allot of guy's, but none was like him. "Maybe you need to look at the guy's that are close with you" Juan said.  after a week or something we become really close. he was like a brother i never had. the guy i used to think about, was not on my mind anymore. maybe Juan had something to do with it...

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