Dear Love

The story is about a girl that has always a guy on her mind and in her dreams, he's not real but she wants to meet him. that's all she wants. she becomes best friends with the new guy of school, maybe he's the one she's looking for...?


2. Could he be the one?

Juan did so many things that my dream guy did. sometimes it really looks like he is him. with him i can be my self. i can laugh like a crazy person, i can be mad and yell ad him, i can cry as hard as i want or need. he's always there for me. and it felt like i was falling in love with him. he came into my house. because i needed him to talk about our school project. but all i could think about was him smiling, and that i could be the reason. i couldn't concentrate on my work anymore. i was so confused, over thinking. he saw i was not really listening to the things he was saying about the project. "Is everything Ok Jenna?" he said. i still din't hear him. "Yeah, yeah, euum, what did you say?" i said " Ok, maybe we should take a little break." he said. i walked to my room, crying. Juan came after me. but i locked the door. "Why are you crying?! let me in please, i wanna hug you please just let me in!" Juan yelled. maybe he really was the guy. I opened my door. Juan ran to me and gave me a big hug. and before i knew it, he was kissing me. The kiss was even more perfect than it was in my dreams. then we looked into each others eye's, and the time of silence came. "I'm sorry, i shouldn't do that. i'm so, so , so sorry!" Juan said worried. i smiled and kissed him again. 

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