Back Up Dancers For 1D

Nicki, Harriet, Zoey, Lulu, and Lily are wonderful dancers. They love to dance. When they get a job dancing for a band... will they accept? Will they know the band?


3. Take A Risk

The girls cheered while Harriet and Lulu tried their best to fake it. It worked towards Lulu she was a good actor but Harriet had mixed emotions. She wasn't a huge fan of the band, she thought they were good singers and all and brits are to die for but she just doesn't think they're the best thing in the world.

Harriet's POV

Lord, Jesus why did it have to be One Direction, I knew it from the get-go. It's always One Direction this, One Direction that. Do you know how fan girl Zoey, Lily, and Nicki are when it comes to these guys. All you hear from them is Harry's hair, Niall's eyes blah blah blah. Don't get me wrong they are cute and whatever. But how can you fall in love with a celebrity and not even know their personality? They can turn out to be the hugest jerks in the world. Do you know how long it took them to convince Lulu and I that we should perform their song. They thought it would earn points with Simon. Yeah right, they just wanted to dance to their song.

"Aren't you excited?" Simon asked me knocking me out of my thoughts. I shot my head up and the other girls stopped cheering. I bet Lulu understood me as well.   

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just overwhelmed." All the girls knew I wasn't that fond of them but hey, you got to do what you got to do.

"I get it, some people aren't their biggest fan but trust me, you'll love them in the end." Simon assured me. Hopefully.

Lulu's POV

I can tell Harriet wasn't all that happy about the job. Neither was I but maybe Simon is right. We'll end up liking them in the process, we just need to get to know them and hopefully things will work out.


Simon led the girls out and told them to be back tomorrow at 11 in the evening to meet the guys. The girls were exiting the building walking into the taxi to take them to the hotel. They were all still jet lagged from the whole plane ride. They had to get used to the whole time difference between New York and London. They were all currently sitting on the couches watching t.v. Lily was looking through the room service menu.

"Hey guys. Do any of you know what the hell fish and chips are? That sounds disgusting."

Lily was a fan of trying new things but in this case that sounds weird. Lily is literally picturing Lays and raw fish on the same plate. Giving her a twisted face showing she was disgusted.

"Your so slow. Fish in chips in British terms mean fish and fries. It's fried fish with fries, Doofus." Zoey told her.

"Oh that makes sense." Lily said smiling trying to get on Zoey's nerves. Zoey rolled her eys.

Zoey was considered the smarts in the group, she was the one with all the scholarships. Everyone thought she'd be the first to want to leave the group because she is so focused on her studies half of the time. 

The other girls were sitting on the couch still watching the news. After a few seconds Harriet turned off the t.v.

"Why'd you do that?" Nicki asked.

"Because we're in London. And you guys are sitting watching the news. That's a good story to tell your  grand kids how you spent your first trip in England. Let's go to a party!"

Of course Harriet would want to go to a party. Sometimes she was just a bit too wild when it came to no adult supervision. Which was a lot, since they're all 18, Harriet being the youngest always wanted to do something wacky. Because sometimes the other girls could be just too mature.

"I agree!" Nicki stood up.

"You do?" Harriet asked alarmed.

"Yup!" Nicki responded popping the 'p' in Yup.

"Your usually the first to say no."

"Well, I'm taking a risk. You guys have to get off your butts. We should go to the club we passed by when we were in the taxi."

"Are you sure?" Zoey asked being the responsible one.

"Yeah!" Harriet and Zoey both said.

Lily and Lulu didn't put up a fight, it was better than staying inside all day. After 10 minutes of trying to persuade Zoey she finally caved in.

"Fine. But if anything starts to go wrong. We are all leaving immediately." Zoey explained.

"Fine stop acting like and adult, You're 18 for crying out loud." Lily almost shouted.

"Take a risk." Lulu said towards Zoey.

"Okay." Zoey said a bit unsure of herself.

Zoey's POV

Hopefully I didn't make the wrong mistake because if we don't go to work on time tomorrow it can ruin everything. And this whole opportunity of dancing with One Direction will be good on my college applications.





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