Back Up Dancers For 1D

Nicki, Harriet, Zoey, Lulu, and Lily are wonderful dancers. They love to dance. When they get a job dancing for a band... will they accept? Will they know the band?


2. Show Me What You Can Do...

The girls were so excited as they all walked in to the office of Simon Cowell. They could not believe that they might be getting a job that involves their passion... Dancing!!

Simon sat down in his chair and said "So clear a spot for yourselves and show me what you can do!" Harriet, Lily, Lulu, Nikki and Zoey cleared a spot for them selves to dance. They had many emotions going through their heads. Happy, Nervous, Scared, Excited, etc. Harriet and the girls had brought one of their favourite CD's... One Direction's album Take Me Home. They were planning to do a dance to 'Live While Were Young' and they did. They danced their little hearts out for thee Simon Cowell.

As Simon watched the girls dance, he thought to himself: 'wow these girls are absolutely amazing!! they will be very popular!' When the girls finished their dance they were all huffing and puffing as they were out of breath. Simon stood up from his seat and clapped. That put a smile on the girls faces. They had just gotten a standing ovation from Simon Cowell. Wow the girls couldn't believe it!  After a couple of minutes of clapping Simon sat back in his seat and congratulated the girls as they got the job. The girls jumped up and down. Nikki, Harriet, Lulu, Zoey and Lily were very excited. They could just not hide their emotions. Simon explained That they would be going on tour with a popular band that he works with. They were all excited to hear that.... Harriet had a feeling she knew who this band was. Although she didn't say anything she was very excited. "which band are we going to work with Simon?" Said Nikki a little excited. Simon replied with "One Direction!"

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