Back Up Dancers For 1D

Nicki, Harriet, Zoey, Lulu, and Lily are wonderful dancers. They love to dance. When they get a job dancing for a band... will they accept? Will they know the band?


1. Prologue

 They were all walking down the halls of Syco Music's Head Quarters with thee Simon Cowell showing them around. They as in Nicki, Zoey, Lulu, Harriet, and Lily. The girls are amazing hip-hop dancers but they also do contemporary and others as well, but hip-hop is their strength. The girls have been friends for life and dancing since they could walk. They are very different they have the most opposite personalities. I guess it's true that opposites do attract.

Simon Cowell saw them dancing at a show in New York supporting one of the Boys & Girls Clubs down there. He noticed how amazing they are and thought if he could expose them for one of his clients. He'd have them perform concerts with them to get there names out. Hopefully, it would work because they're going to be backup dancers for a huge British Band.

They walked through the halls staring at pictures along the walls and magnificent recording studios along with a few dance studios. The girls were aching to get in there and start dancing their hearts out.








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