4 boys, 5 Seconds of Summer

When 16 year old Maddie Rags finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer is staying in her house for summer, she falls for Luke. But will he fall for her? Read more to find out


2. The Fight

Luke's POV

I can't believe that Ashton likes her. Obviously she hates me because she doesn't really talk to me like everyone else. I said to Ashton "What do you think is so great about Maddie?" He replied "Well, I like her blue eyes and her brown hair. She is very nice too from what I thought about." I said "Well, I think that she is just amazing overall. She reminds me of an angel."

Maddie's POV

I heard all of it. Then I heard Michael scream "DARN IT YOU ZOMBIES!" I ran into the bathroom and laughed so hard. I was listening to their whole entire conversation and then I washed my hands. I walked into the room while I heard Luke and Ashton fighting. I said "So what have you guys killed?" Michael said "I almost got killed by a zombie and killed five." I said "I probably would have died when you would have gotten killed." I grabbed my controller and started playing the game. I was killing tons of them, and I could have said that I did really good. Luke said "You're really killing those zombies." I saw Ashton give Luke an evil look, and then I killed more zombies. I was shooting all of those zombies, all while trying to find out how I could spend more time with Luke without sounding obsessive about it. I felt like I wasn't any good. Michael said "Why the heck can't I kill this zombie?  I said "Shoot the hell out of him." He said "Yeah, that would have been good advice before this thing got me. I think I have to shoot him faster." I said " Go do that." Calum said "These zombies are literally killing me. Does anyone see?" I looked at Luke and we both laughed. I turned off my controller and then it turned onto the four player screen.

Luke's POV

I turned off my controller to, and then it was just Ashton, Michael and Calum playing the game. She leaned in, and then we started to kiss. Calum started looking at us like we were crazy, and Ashton looked at me like I had just commited a crime. In his mind, Yes, I just did. When we stopped, I noticed that they had turned the xbox off. They were staring at us. Michael was laughing, Ashton wasnt even there, and Calum was freaking laughing so hard. Madds said "Well, nice job laughing at us Calum" I said "Yeah nice job freak." All four of us laughed, when Maddie said "Where's Ashton." I said "Well, I think Ashton left, because truth is, Ashton kind of likes you." Maddie said "I overheard you guys. You think I am truly amazing?" I said "Ever since I layed eyes on you I thought you were amazing." Maddie said "I love you Luke." I said "I love you too." Calum and Michael said "We're leaving." And we both just laughed. I said "Do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow night?" She said "Luke, I would love to." and we both leaned in. We kissed.

Maddie's POV

He didn't just ask me out. Luke Hemmings asked me out. I don't know what I am going to wear. I don't know what I am going to say to him. But, I think that I am in love with Luke.


How did I do? I know there was a little bit to much of romance, but just remember that this has been hard for me and now everything is flowing the way i want it too

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