4 boys, 5 Seconds of Summer

When 16 year old Maddie Rags finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer is staying in her house for summer, she falls for Luke. But will he fall for her? Read more to find out


7. Ashleigh

Ashleigh came in through the door, and said "Hey Ashton!" and gave him a hug he picked her up, and then swirled her around. Ashton said "Maddie! I never knew that we dated in High School!"

Ashleigh gave him a big kiss and then Calum said "YO ASHTON! WHO THE HELL IS THIS!"

Maddie's POV

"Calum, this is Ashleigh, my best friend since Kindergarten." Before I could finish the words "Since Kindergarten," I was suddenly picked up by Luke, and we started to kiss. When we pulled away, he put me down, and then he said "Starbucks anyone?" Calum said "COTTON CANDY FRAPACHINO!" Luke and I took the orders, and then we went to the Starbucks, in Target down the street.

We picked up all of the Coffee, and then brought it back to the house! Calum screamed "COFFEE!" and grabbed his and ran away from me. I said to Calum "I don't think you need anymore coffee!" and he went sipping away. He laughed, and then we all said something. It was night, and Ashleigh slept over. I woke up in the middle of the night, and the guys weren't to be found. Or atleast Luke. I woke up Ashton and asked him "Where the hell is Luke?" He said "I don't know!" We both got up and walked into the other room.

I saw Ashleigh and Luke. I screamed "Luke how could you!"

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