4 boys, 5 Seconds of Summer

When 16 year old Maddie Rags finds out that 5 Seconds of Summer is staying in her house for summer, she falls for Luke. But will he fall for her? Read more to find out


5. Amnesia

Maddie's POV

"Michael? Michael?" I said. And then Michael answered "Who are you, and where did you put my video games?" Micheal sat up and laughed. The boys said "I can't believe you fell for it!" Luke said "It's not funny you ass." Michael said "Me want food." Luke said "Me to. Hospital Cafeteria?" Agreed. Michael said "Anything is fine." We brought back food trays.

I seemed OK from the outside but on the inside I was freaking out. I caused a fight that lead to someone who went to the hospital. I sat eating my chicken noodle soup and yogurt. Calum was sitting there, and he accidentilly flung some yogurt onto Michaels face. We laughed so hard, and then Luke kissed me on the cheek. I laughed and kissed him back. Michael said "Get out of my room."

Then, I got a twitter notification. It said "@Maaadds- Stay away from Luke. He's mine. If you don't I will send someone for you. I cried instantly. Luke said "What's the matter?" I showed him the tweet. He basically freaked out on the thought that someone was out to kill me. I got another notification. This time it was a picture of me burying my face into Lukes Chest. It had the message: @Maaadds- I told you to stay away. I showed Luke that message. He said "I'll tweet her." It said "@Luke_is_mine_forever_- Don't hate on my friend."

He sent it. I checked my timeline, and it had a twitlonger saying "This brat needs to stay away from my Luke. He is mine. If you see her, and him together, tell him that she is cheating" He replied to the twitlonger saying "You realize she is showing me every tweet?"

She said back "Fuck."


Sorry it was a crap chapter.I hope you liked it though! Posting More tonight


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