The one who changed my life

Stacy was 19. Her has abused her over for 9 years since her mom died. One day she escaped and met somebody who changed her life forever


2. Starbucks

*stacy*  I woke up lying on the sidewalk. At first I was confused  on how got here then I remembered I escaped from my house and dad. I finally felt free and not being hit all the time. I standed up and started walking to Starbucks to buy a coffe. I still had money from my house. When I bought the coffe and was about to leave I bumped into someone. He was tall he had brown hair and light brown eyes , he was really cute.                                                                         *justin* I went to Starbucks to get a muffin and a coffe I was not paying attention at all and bumped in to a girl. She was pretty cute she had black hair and ice blue eyes. Me and Selena had broken up so that ment I can make that girl mine.                                                                       *Stacy* "sorry" I said to the boy. "It's ok" he responded.I was about to leave until the boy got hold of my wrist and pulled me back. "Hi I'm Justin Bieber. He whisperd the last part."ohh cool I'm Stacy Julian " I said.                                                                                                                      * Justin* "ohh cool I'm Stacy Julian" she told me. "Care to take a walk with me?" I asked. She nodded her head yes an we left.We started talking and laughing. She asked me questions about my life. "Now tell me about you" i told her. She looked a littel worried.                                           *Stacy* I was worried if to tell him or not we're not even friends are we? " Ok umm I'm 19 my birthday is in 4th of July and my mom died 9 years ago so it was only me and my dad. But my dad used to abuse me until I ran away wich was yesterday" I said. I couldn't help it I started crying and crashed in his chest. I felt something weird when I hugged him I felt safe.

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