The one who changed my life

Stacy was 19. Her has abused her over for 9 years since her mom died. One day she escaped and met somebody who changed her life forever


1. Dad

*stacy*: Stacy!!!!!! I heard my dad yell downstairs. I climbed downstairs in the living room where my dad was ." Bitch pass me the remote" he told me. "But dad  is right in front you" I responded and before I knew it he had kicked me in the stomach.He starded kicking me until I fell to the floor crying. When I went and ran upstairs in pain into my room. It was already 11:00 pm and i figured my dad would be sleeping so I made a plan to escape. I started packing my clothes and shoes. At 12:00 I opended my widow and jumped out and started running.I was running until I got tired and slept on the sidewalk.

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