the love i found (a niall horan fanfic)

this is a story about a girl named Natiley shes had some ups and downs until she meets the boy of her dreams niall horan


2. on the airplane

Natiley's POV

we are getting out of the car in walking into the airport with our bags and suite cases raceing to the plane because we almost missed our flight. we get on the plane and I already missed father. I sit by a cute blonde stranger and my mum sits on the other side of me. I introduce myself to this gorgeous blonde haired blue eyed boy. i say "hey my name is Natiley" he said his name was Niall after that we didn't really talk

Niall's POV

I am and i swear i am sitting by the most cutest girl in the whole world...she's amazing i can barely believe she spoke to me and i feel bad for not carring a conversation with her but im just to shy and i don't want to say anything dumb. okay here goes nothing "soo Natiley where are you headed off to?" she replys in the softest most beautiful  voice ever saying "i am going to my new house in Dublin what about you" i smile and say that i am also going to Dublin to....and i almost said to do an interview and concert but i don't want her to like me for fame so i said that i am just visiting so she replyed saying " are you sure? because you don't sound so sure" then she giggled... it was soo cute i started to blush.

Harry's POV

i wonder who nialler is talking to...because she is gorgeous!! welp i guess it doesn't matter now... time to get off the plane and head off to our hotel.



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