the love i found (a niall horan fanfic)

this is a story about a girl named Natiley shes had some ups and downs until she meets the boy of her dreams niall horan


1. leaving home

Natiley's POV

My mom and dad have gotten there divorce finalized and now I have to move Ireland I am leaving my small town in America to go to Ireland. im not to thrilled. 1 because my parents are divorced and 2 because I wont see my dad for a whole year!! I have no clue as to what is running through my mums mind but I do no want to move away!! not to mention I wont see my friends Marissa, Miki, and Dalton like ever again because my dad is visiting me instead of the other way around!! so lets see now I have to move, make new friends, and not see my dad for a whole year.... I swear my life is like horrible. my mum just walked into the room she said "we will be leaving in half an hour you better finish packing." I just roled my eyes and finished packing like she had asked or more like commanded. well im almost finished and im almost ready to go when I start crying almost a river because I hate leaving my dad behind. he gives me one more hug a kiss on the cheek and says "I love you" one last time. I get in the car and wave goodbye to my father.


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