Next Door Sweetheart~ Not famous!

I don’t know how I fell into his world but I was one of the lame kids and suddenly I was the most popular girl in the school, everyone wanted to be me but the only thing I wanted was him, and I made sure that that was what I got.


2. Lunch

I make my way out of class and try to remember Demi’s directions for the lunchroom, I eventually get there. Well I just followed other people and hoped for the best, I look around the big hall, the smell of food wafting up my nose. The room is quite big with the exception of a few windows overlooking campus. I know that’s a college word but I mean the school grounds, there’s little round tables dotted everywhere around the canteen and plastic chairs that don’t look too comfortable. I look around, my hand tightening on the leather strap of my rucksack; please don’t let me be the loner sitting all on her own at lunch. I privately thanked god when I hear Demi’s voice call my name,

“Carter! Over here!”

I look in the direction of Demi's cheerful voice; I spot her waving excitedly and make my way over to her table. There’s a guy sitting right beside her, sitting so close he’s nearly sitting on her. I smile politely to the stranger before Demi breaks into conversation,

“Carter this is Harry! Harry this is Carter!”

I nod at Harry; he’s kinda cute, well actually he’s hot! His eyes are so mesmerizing, green emeralds displayed under long eyelashes. He pushes his perfect curly hair to the side before offering me his hand; I shake it out of politeness before looking at Demi, raising an eyebrow. She blushes and looks away; I look into this Harry fella’s eyes. He stares into mine like he’s reading me, his eyes searching my soul. I feel someone kick my leg under the table, I flinch, scratching back my chair really loudly and standing up in the process. Demi laughs and pretends that she didn’t kick me,

“Carter? Are you okay?”

I glare at her, giving her the evils before sitting back down. I feel my cheeks go cherry red as I acknowledge that practically the whole cafeteria is looking at me. It’s all Demi's fault, she kicked me. I cut off all communication with Harry after that, I don’t want to have another bruise on my leg from Mrs Pleasant over there.

After lunch I make my way down the corridor without Demi, she hung back talking to Harry even though I more than begged her to help me find my class. I got my books before lunch so I could have time to talk to her but now I’ll have to spend that precious time finding the classroom, I look down at my timetable that I’m holding in my hands. I look down and try to find what class number French is in, I keep walking ahead when for the second time today, I walk into something hard.


I touch my forehead where I walked into something or someone; I really need to watch where I’m going. I look up to be met by a pair of crystal blue eyes, like the ocean on a sunny day.

“Shit sorry!”

I mumble and attempt to walk away with my last bit of dignity, whoever that guy was, he was cute! I feel an arm pull me back; I turn around to face the blue-eyed angel before me, he smiles and runs a hand through his ruffled blond hair before smiling again,

“It’s ok, I’m Niall.”

I tilt my head to the side; his accent is so unique and different. I smile,

“I’m Carter, I’m new here.”

His smile broadens as he tilts his head,

“Ah I knew it; I didn’t think I saw you around here before.”

He winks, sending me into fits of giggles. I stop when I realise how stupid I sound. He watches me as I hide my red face,

“So what do you have now?”

He tilts his head towards the sheet of paper in my hands, my mind goes blank. When did a boy ever have this effect on me?

“Oh, eh, um, well.”

He smiles before gently taking the sheet out of my grasp, he nods and grins before handing it back to me.

“You have French with me! And eh, you’re going the wrong way.”

I mentally face palm myself for being so stupid, I walk alongside him as he tells me all about the classes on our way to French, and this Niall fella is really nice. I have met two hot guys today and it’s only my first day, not too bad. Well not including my head- first meeting with the honey-eyed god.

All the other classes fly by, I leave whatever class I was just in, that just goes to show how much attention I was paying. In case you didn’t realise it, I’m easily distracted and couldn’t care less about school. I unlock my locker and shove in the books from last class before grabbing my Science books and walking to the lab, lucky for me it was near my French class so I spotted it early on. There’s no sight of Demi so I just make my way to science, students are filing in when I walk in. The teacher is already here, sorting out papers. I stand by his desk and clear my throat,

“Excuse me sir?”

He looks up and turns to face me, he extends his hand. I shake his hand and he clears his throat, turning to the now full classroom.

“Class we have a new student, Carter!”

He scans the class; I spot Harry at the back sitting beside a blond chatty girl. She babbling on but its clear Harry isn’t listening and has no intention to. I scan the rest of the class; the teacher spots a spare seat beside some guy.

“Okay Carter, there’s an empty seat beside Liam. Liam put up your hand so Carter can see you.”

I can see Liam already, it’s hard not to. His chocolate brown eyes standing out in the crowd of common blue eyed people and besides, it’s the only empty seat in the class. I quickly walk over and take a seat beside him before he can put up his hand. He smiles in appreciation before turning back to face the board. I watch Liam curiously; he must have cut his hair recently as its kinda short, like medium length. He turns to meet my gaze, his chocolate eyes making me paralysed. My mouth opens but no words come out, is this heaven or is this school just full of angels? He smirks and raises his eyebrows,

“Sorry? I didn’t quite catch that.”

His English accent is so amazing, he’s so amazing.  He smirks as I stammer,


He laughs,

“I thought so.”

I raise an eyebrow; we make idle chat and talk. I tell him about my mum moving and nearly everything about me. 

I stop myself mid-sentence and shake my head, why am I babbling and telling him everything about me? Am I stupid or what?

At the end of class, Liam stands up and gets ready to leave, a wave of disappointment washing over me. I follow all the other students out of class and prepare myself for the worst. Yes, a swarming corridor full of antsy teens who want nothing more than to get away from school. The crowd is pushing and shoving, I cringe, maybe if I stay back at class and wait until it all breezes over? Just as I'm about to turn and head back in, someone’s muscular arm grabs a hold of mine and pulls me back into the hallway.


My voice is clearly angry; I glare up at the person to see its Liam who has a hold of me. I let my hand go loose in his grip, his touch so warm and cosy I wish I could stay like this forever. I try to hide my disappointment when he suddenly lets go, he leans in to my ear,

“I figured cus’ you’re new, you’d have a hard time getting through this,” He extends his arms to make a grand gesture of the packed hallways, and then he continues.

“so I'm here to help!” He turns to face me, a beaming smile just for me. I grin back and take the hand he’s offering. He whisks me off down the crowd until he stops by my locker; the crowd has thinned out slightly when something hits me. Puzzled, I look up at Liam, who’s watching me intently,

“Um, how did you know where my locker is?” He stares at my face for awhile before shrugging. He pretends to glance at his watch but I see his eyes travel past it and wander to the ground,

“Oh! I got to go, see ya tomorrow yeah?” I swear this kid is the worst actor ever. I grip the metal door of my locker, my knuckles popping out and becoming a deathly shade of white. I bite my lip and put on my best fake smile. I turn back to my locker, not bothering to say goodbye to that liar. I see Liam stand there hesitantly for another while before taking off down the empty hallway. Once I hear the school doors bang, I glance around and smile. The halls cleared pretty quick, I didn’t realise it, probably because I was too busy watching Liam lie his ass off. I wish ‘liar liar pants on fire’ was true because it would have been pretty funny if Liam ran off down the hall with his pants on fire.

I eventually stop fumbling with my locker as the janitor starts mopping the hallway, I push open one of the heavy double-doors and walk out onto the main school grounds. I see a lot of the students have resolved to staying outside in the sun, the car park is bursting with hundreds of different cars. All different sizes, colours and makes. Most of the kids out front are popular, evidently. Their expensive clothes and cars are enough to tell you where they come from.

I look around and see there’s no sign of Demi, Harry or Liam. I sigh heavily and look around. All the populars are turned, facing one way and watching. They’re all whispering and talking, thankfully they aren’t bugging me or anything. After ten minutes of watching them watch something that is obviously intriguing, curiosity gets the better of me and I walk a little over so I can see what's got them in. 

I feel my face instantly go red as I nearly faint in horror. No this cannot be happening! My mum is leaning against her fancy red BMW, her hands shoved into the pockets of her extremely short denim shorts. I swear they are the smallest and kinkiest pair of shorts I have ever seen. She has a tight black tank top on, revealing all of her chest for anyone within ten feet. She has sandals on her feet, one leg propped up against the car. I look her up and down once more before realising something else; she is leaning against the car in a flirtatious way talking to . . . Liam and Harry. I almost sprint to the car and nearly fall a couple of times but eventually get there in one piece.

“Oh Carter you nearly gave me a heart attack!” Mum clutches her chest dramatically as I grab the car keys out of her hands and push her towards the passenger door. Harry is standing there, a cheeky grin plastered on his face while Liam is blushing and staring at the ground. My mum shrugs off my insistent hands and turns around, Harry snorts along with Liam. Just as I send a glare at both of them, Liam speaks up acting innocent,

“Gosh Carter you didn’t tell us how much you looked like your mum.” I glare at Liam before shoving my mum towards the door. She gets my hints and turns to the boys, flirtatious mode on.

“Oh ooh! Looks like Carter is ashamed of me, ciao boys! See you later!” She swings her arms and uses some kind of slutty goodbye gesture as I open her door and practically shove her into her seat. I slam the door shut and turn to the boys, a dark look across my face. I use my finger to emphasize the threat I'm making,

“No, she will not be seeing you later.” Concluding their flirting ordeal and grabbing the whole school’s attention while doing so, I hit the gas and speed out of the school parking lot and towards home.

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