Perfect to Me

Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.
Ever since Natalie's sisters and brother were born she was the forgotten child the one the parents don't seem to care about. The one were they don't care what they do with your life just as long as they are far away. Natalie finally gets tire of everything she goes through daily an decides to move to London with her friend Reagan. When they arrive everything seems normal until they happen to bump into someone. Those people help Natalie feel perfect in her own despite what people tell her and make her feel like she does have a purpose, but not everyone can stay strong for that long, right?


1. Chapter 1.

"Are you kidding me!" I screamed at my parents. "I'm always the child you care the least about!" I carried on. 

"Natalie!" my mom yelled trying to get my shut up.

"No! I don't want to hear it!" I yelled at her as I stormed out of dinning room where my family was eating and into my room. I slammed the door shut to ensure my family I was in my room and wasn't going to come out anytime soon.

I walked over to my bed stand and picked up my white iPhone and unlocked and went to Instagram. I scrolled through my feed looking at all the the pictures people have posted. I clicked the little camera button and took a picture of myself sticking my tongue out and captioned it idek and tapped share.

Soon enough likes came flooding in. I kept reloading the picture to see 50 likes go to 100 to 500 to 2,000 and finally to 5,000. I'm not exactly Instagram famous, but I do have 50k so that's nice, but I always get hate. It is enough with my family pretty much hating me and with people bullying me at school, but I'm pretty good at handling it.

I decided to change the link in my bio to my since my followers always like it when they get to ask me questions so I posted a picture saying to ask me stuff and went on my laptop and type in the bar at the top and it popped up to the sign in. I typed in my user name yonnatalie and my password. 

Right when I logged on I saw the little question mark box had a red square in the corner that had had the number 50 on it. I clicked the square and started to scroll. I skipped a few and answered a few. A lot of people asked me why I am depressed I just responded with long story. One really made which made me smile it said why do people question you about being insecure you obviously are for a reason why would you pretend to be depressed/insecure I've been following your account since you posted your life story and it made me tear up. ilysm. stay strong. I responded with thanks you(: ilysm. 

I got so much hate saying die, whore, fat, ugly, bitch. I just replied with come off annon and say it to my face thanks. I answered a few more questions and went off.

"Oh that was fun." I said to myself in a whisper.

"Shut up and stop talking to yourself you freak!" my sister Rose yelled at me.

"Stop obsessing over my life and get one!" I screamed back.

"Mom! Natalie said I have no life." she whined to my mom.

"It's not my fault I speak the truth!" I screamed.

"Mom!" Grace whined/yelled again.

"Natalie Grace! Get your butt over here." my mom yelled annoyed.

"Ugh." I groaned and tossed my legs off my bed and started walking towards the door. 

As I opened it I heard "Oh Natalie is in trouble." my brother Bryce said

"Shut up." I murmured under my breath as I walked to my parents room, opened the door and walked in not bothering for an invitation.

"Natalie, Do you realize how trouble you've caused for this family?" my dad questioned me.

"No, no I don't, but I do understand all the trouble those little demon children have caused." I said with a small smirk on my face.

"Well this is what I mean you're so mean to Rose and Bryce they are only thirteen and ten." my mom said "Cut them some slack and stop being such a ass to them."

"Are you kidding me right now they've called me a bitch and so much more there is no way they are the good children." I argued "I mean I shouldn't be surprised since you favor them!" I yelled.

"Well maybe we would love you as much them if you weren't a useless child." my mom shot at me I felt tears threatening to come out

"Just disown me then I don't want to be part of this snobby family anyways with the mom that's a lawyer and the dad that is one of the best doctors in the state!" I yelled as I exited the room. I can't believe my mom just said that to me she has always been rude, but never have I've been called useless. I just can't handle this family. 

I  grabbed my phone and went on instagram and posted a picture of me being weird and captioned it : Cant wait last day of school tomorrow. London here I come! Right when I posted it I got a lot of comments saying why and how come so I commented because I'm going to move their with my friend. Which caused more people to comment What about school and your family? I replied We're doing online and my family doesn't even care about me.

By the time I finished answereing all the questions it was midnight so I decided to go to asleep and get ready for my last day filled with rude bitches.


|the next day|

You got that sunset vibe 
That drives me wild 
Its true ooh ooooooh ooh ooh ooh
That don’t care style
That makes me smile
It’s you ooh ooh ooh ooh
You hit me like an earthquake
First Date Abercrombie Soul mate
We can do this all day
Jaw dropping Showstoppin’
Stuntin’ like your Marry Poppins
Let’s get this party started

I listened to my alarm clock sing the peppy summer song for a few seconds before I clicked the dismiss button and decided to get ready for school so I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom.

I took off my pajamas and took a quick shower. Once I was done I wrapped my towel around my small body and hopped out of the shower. When I was dry I on my undergarments and my gray, purple, and blue short and a pair white shorts. I dried my hair easily with my purple plow drier and put on a pink cheetah print bow. I didn't feel like doing anything to my hair so I just brushed it and kept it straight.

I walked out of the bathroom and back into my bedroom and put on my white vans and grabbed my phone and my backpack/purse and walked out. I ran down the stairs grabbed and apple off the counter as well as my keys to my white porshe and walked outside to my car and drove to my friend Reagan's house and text her Heyyy Rayray be at your house in 5 b ready(:  and clicked the blue send button.

In what felt like a couple of seconds I was outside her house, but I didn't feel like going to the door so I just texted her that i was there. Soon enough I saw her perky blond hair as she started walking over to my car. 

When she stepped in I asked "So are you ready for London?" 

"Yes!" she screeched in my ear "I can't believe we are leaving a couple hours after school for the airport." she continued.

"I know it's so exciting!" I said with a smile on face.

"We might even see One flippin Direction!" Reagan screamed.

"Maybe, but I highly doubt it." I said kinda sad.

"If you believe it you can achieve it!" Reagan said happily.

"Whatever you say." I said rolling my eyes.

I pulled into the school parking lot and park in my reserved student parking. I walked out of my car and slammed the door shut. I checked the time on my phone and it read 7:50. I waved bye to Reagan as we went are separate ways through the school. 

******3 hours later******

The last bell of my high school life was about to ring signalling that all of the seniors could leave. Thank God that we got out earlier.




Right when I heard that noise I raced out of classroom. I'm finally done with high school this is best day ever! I took my phone out and texted Reagan to meet me at my car. I got a text back saying she would be there in about 10 minutes. I responded k. 

As soon as I walked in the parking lot I was pushed down and hit the rough parking lot ground hard. I screeched in pain and turned around to see my ex-boyfriend Keaton and his new girlfriend Claire. "What do you want?" I snapped at them.

"Oh nothing, but it's the last day we can torment you so why waste this opportunity." Keaton shot at me.

"I hate you so much." I said through my clenched teeth.

"Well the feelings mutual so that's good." Claire said.

"Good." I said helping myself up off the ground.

"Did I say you could fucking stand up?" Keaton said pushing me back down. 

"Well I told myself and I don't care about what you tell me to do." I said with a sarcastic smile on my face while getting myself to my feet again, but without saying "If you push me one more time I swear."

"What do you swear will happen?" Claire said crossing her arms.

"I wil-" before I could finish my threat I was cut off by Keaton slapping me across the face due to relaxes I punched him in the stomach. I held my cheek and breathe in and out trying to stop the pain. 

"I'm so done with you guys!" I screamed. "Rot in hell." I said right after turning on my heel and pointing my middle finger up at them. Luckily my car was close enough to where this all happened so I got there before they could acknowledge what happened. I drove around the school a few times until I saw Reagan exit the building. I drove over to her and she opened the door and slammed it shut.

"You excited?" I asked her.

"I can't even breathe we are going to be on the plane in less than three hours!" she screamed.

"I know!" I said " You have everything packed right?" I questioned.

"Yes. Do you?" Reagan questioned me.

"Yes." I answered her. "Well I will drop you off at your house and you'll get your bags then we will go to my house and to the airport!" I said excitedly.

"I can't wait to leave Florida for once and for all." Reagan said.

"I feel you." I responded soon after I said that we arrived at her house and she ran out of my car and into her house.

I waited for about 2 minutes and she was back at my car door. "Wow, that was quick." I said surprised before we drove off again.

My drive to my house was silent except for the radio blaring through the car. We sang along to a few songs we knew and just ignored most. Once we pulled into my house I ran in and up the stairs to my room. I grabbed my carry on bag and suitcase. I walked into my parents room to them I was leaving and asking them for money they gave a couple hundred dollars and they said that was just to get started. Wow they really want me out of here. 

I raced out the door and put the bags in my trunk next to Reagan's. We already have everything planned we were leaving my car and this shipping place by the airport for them to ship it over and take a shuttle bus to the airport.

We waited for about one minute and the bus appeared from around the corner. Once it was here the people came out and driver did too and took our bags and put them in the trunk of the minuture bus.

Once the bus started it was just us and the bus driver. "So where are you two going over seas?" he questioned.

I was about to answer, but Reagan cut me off "London!" she screamed with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Oh that will be fun." the driver said.

"Yup." Reagan and I said at the same time.

The ride's awkwardness level went up to high for my personally so I was grateful when we got to Delta section of the airport.  

"Thanks." I said to the driver before rushing into the airport so fast I didn't hear his response.


By the time we went through security and got to out gate they were going to be boarding in five minutes. We had first class tickets so we got to go on first HOLLA! I went on my phone and went to on  Instagram and posted a picture of Reagan and I with the caption: At the airport waiting for boarding to start @helloreagan and shared it on twitter as well before turning my phone on airplane mode.

"Now boarding first class flight 367 C6 round trip flight to London, England." the lady said.

"That's us." Reagan said happily as we walked over to the lady and showed her our tickets.

"Have a nice flight." she said with a smile on her face. I simply smiled back and kept walking.

Once we got to out seats I put my suitcase in the top compartment next to Reagan's and put my carry on under seat. I buckled my seat belt and got ready for the ride. I dozed off for about thirty minutes and I realized we were already in the air. I tapped Reagan next to me and asked if we were allowed to use our electronics she just nodded and went back to doing whatever she was doing.

I went under my seat and pulled out my light blue backpack and pulled out my iPod and headphone and started listening to music. After about three songs I fell asleep with my head against the window.

Once I woke up I saw a flight attendant and asked her when we would be there and what time it would be when we got in. She said about one more hour probably less more like 45 minutes and 8 A.M. "How long did I sleep for?" I thought as I pushed some brown hair out of my face. I kept listening to my music until the lady on the intercom said to turn off all electronics and stow them away in your carry on. 

"Hello passengers and welcome to London the local time is currently 8:57A.M. WE hope you enjoy your time her and hope to see you again." the pilots voice came over the intercom. 

I shook Reagan awake and told her we landed. "Ok." she said tiredly and stepping out of our little area and getting our suitcases. I grabbed my backpack and gave her her's. Once we exited the plane we walked to the taxi service area and waited until one noticed us.

"So where are you ladies going?" the british taxi driver said.

"I forgot what's called, but the area with the flats in the heart of London." I answered polietly. 

"Ok we will be there in thirty minutes. but since you're new here I'll pay." the taxi driver said.

"Oh my God Thanks!" Reagan said.

"My pleasure." the driver said.

~Skip le boring car ride~

Once we got to our flat I took the key and unlocked the door and stepped into our new home.

"Want to go get McDonald's I saw one less than a quarter of a mile away."

"Sure, just one sec let me get my phone." I said

"Kay!" Reagan screamed

Once I got I yelled "Kay, Leggo!" 

"Food!" Reagan said with a smile one her face.

After walking for about ten minutes we got to the McDonald's. There was pretty much no one there except for a couple of guys sitting in a group. 

"I'm going to go to the bathroom just get me like a parfait with orange juice." I said

"I will leave you here if you take to long btw." Reagan yelled while she took out order. 

"Whale then." I said turning around and actually facing the direction I should be walking in. 

Right when I turned around I bumped into someone. "Hey, watch where your going." he said angrily at me. I couldn't see his face because of the dark hoodie wore that shadowed it

"Oh sorry." I said quickly walking into the bathroom. I just washed my hands and exited after fixing my hair and straightening my clothes. Once I left I saw Reagan sitting down at a table in the very middle of the fast food restaurant. 

When I walked over to her the first thing I said was "I'm not even surprised." she shrugged and continued devouring her parfait. I took my food off the tray and started digging in too. It felt like I haven't eating in a week that's how starving we were.

"Hey." a voice above me said that I recognized as the guy I bumped into.

"Hi?" I said confused.

"I just wanted to apologize for how I was kinda rude back there." He said scratching the back of his head.

"It's all good." I said with a smile on my face.

"Well you're really pretty and I was wondering if I could have your number?" he asked


when I wrote this it was 2:05 am I made this for you guys hope you like it!!1!111!!1<3

Who should play the girl Selena Gomez or Melina DiMambro aka @awk0perf on ig song that was on at the beginning is called you by hollywood ending(:  Hollywood Ending+One Direction=Life  

Who do you think the person is? o.O

Its really long long Woah

Hope you guys enjoyed it love you -micaia

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