Use Somebody

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Faith Hollander was diagnosed with ADHD in 2009. Her attention span was horrible and she couldn't stay still or resist the urge to feel or play with anything around her. She didn't have any friends because she couldn't keep up with the pace of the day. Well, that’s what her mom always said. People don’t think she has feelings but she does. She just can’t express them in the right way. This is the story of Faith Hollander.


1. Use Somebody Short Story

Faith Hollander was diagnosed with ADHD in 2009. Her attention span was horrible and she couldn’t stay still or resist the urge to feel or play with anything around her. She didn’t have any friends because she couldn’t keep up with the pace of the day. Well, that’s what her mom always said. People don’t think she has feelings but she does. She just can’t express them in the right way. This is the story of Faith Hollander.

Faith Hollander ran her fingers across the rough surface of the rock wall that surrounded the park. Her eyes dashed between all the different people.  Her brain tried to process all the couples in one area. She didn’t ever grasp the meaning, boyfriend girlfriend. Faith let her breath escape and started to follow the gravel path.  Her head tilted slightly to the side trying to watch the birds flying overhead.  She quickly lost focus on the birds and glanced over at the basketball courts. The ball bounced up and down so easily, how? She turned away and watched the little kids play soccer on a tiny field. Small kids, small field, makes sense she thought. As she continued on her long walk through the park, she overheard the horrible comments spectators whispered about her. But, thanks to her horrible attention span, she lost focus and was drawn to the baseball field. It always reminded her of a beach. No one was there so she decided to sit down and draw in the sand.


The words spelled themselves out. She knew they were true. Even her mom said that late at night when her parents thought she was asleep. She found a small twig that captured her attention. She wrapped her nimble fingers around the twig and wrote,


Faith circled that last sentence darkly. “Faith! Where have you been?” Her mother shouted walking over to her. She wrapped her arm around her daughter’s forearm and sat her up. “I’m not helpless!” Faith said walking away. “This is the third day you didn’t take your meds!” Her mom shouted getting Faith’s attention. “It won’t help!” Faith rebelled. “I think you need more help Faith.”


That next week her mom drove her to the Mental Health correctional facility. It was recommended by her doctor. He stated that many of his patients came out better than before. Faith didn’t want to go. She wanted to go to the park and watch the people again. They were like paintings to her, telling a story with every step. But, her family made her. She stepped out of the car and onto the busy sidewalk. Her brain went crazy, trying to process all the people around her. “Faith, focus on me.” Her mom said walking her up. Quickly, she lost that focus to a shiny bell on the side of the building. Was it just a decoration or did it work? She was so tempted she actually tried ringing it, which you weren’t supposed to do. Faith’s mom quickly took her hand away from the bell and brought her in.  “Faith Hollander.” Her mom said to the lady all in white at the front desk. She had loose dark curls and a soft smile. She looked no more than 25 to Faith. Suddenly, the nurse steps out from behind the desk and walks over to Faith. “Hello Faith, my name is Hayley and I’m here to help.” Hayley said looking Faith in the eye. “Does that mean we are friends?” Faith asked, a faint smile on her face.”Yes, I am your friend.” Faith’s face lit up like New York City. That was the first time she had smiled in years. Her mother’s face lit up also. Oh what her mother would give for Faith's million dollar smile. Hayley led Faith down the hallway to a room addressed,”The day room” on the name plate. The door opened with a buzz and her eyes gazed around the room. Some people were doing the exact same thing she was doing. People watching. Maybe they were like her. Some looked very young to Faith; some looked too old to be in this place. Faith decided she would go sit on the couch. It was a fluffy couch, but it wasn’t very colorful like her parent’s couch was. The people around her looked happy, some frustrated. Faith didn’t know how she felt. She thought she was angry with this, but she might actually end up enjoying it. Quickly, a girl that looked her age came over and sat next to Faith. “Hello! My name is Penelope! But you could call me Penny, I’m here I think for ADHD, I don’t know my mom never told me. But, you looked really nice so I decided I would come over and talk to you!” Penelope said without stopping for a breath. “Hi I’m Faith.” She said in the soft tone of her sweet voice. “Well! Why are you here?” Penelope asked brushing her fiery red hair out of the way of her bright green eyes. “ADHD I think,” Faith stated losing her focus on Penelope and onto a piano in the corner. “Well, I can see we are going to be great friends Faith! ADHD best buds, I can see it now! Oo! Penny and Faith the ADHD amigos! I like that!” Penelope gleamed proud of the nickname she made for Faith and her. Faith smiled, Penelope made her smile, that’s good right? “Penelope,” Faith started but Penny cut her off,” Call me Penny, I like Penny better!”  Faith let out a giggle and resumed,”Penny how long have you been here?” Faith’s curiosity was killing her. “Almost a full year! Isn’t that cool! I know all the cool places in this building, and believe me, there are some really cool ones!” Penelope said with delight, “So, you don’t hate this place?” Faith asked, her leg bouncing. “No! It’s awesome! They throw the best parties, and they even let us plan someone’s party!” She said squealing, obviously excited about planning parties. Then, Faith’s attention was taken to a boy who looked 16 or 17. He had short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Faith couldn’t take her eyes off of him, there was something about him that made Faith want to know more. “That’s Tristan, the guy you’re drooling over.” Penny said giggling. She looked over at Penny and checked her mouth. Was she really drooling? “It’s just a joke us teenagers make.  But, you should talk to him; he would look so cute with you.” Penelope said trying to bring the teenage experience to life. Tristan turned and waved. Faith’s heart skipped a beat. This scared Faith though, she had never had a crush, and she had never felt butterflies or anything. But, soon she would.
It took a week for Faith to build up the guts to talk to Tristan. Penny was giving her pep talks the whole day. Also, Faith found out she was room 3b, which reminded her of one of her favorite shows, Sherlock. It was 11:00am or what Penny called, “Go get that boy!” hour. He walked in and sat in his usual chair. Faith sat down on the couch about ready to chicken out for the 18th time. But, what Faith didn’t understand was how she could keep her attention focused on him. She can never keep her attention. Penny said that is what love feels like. Faith lost herself in a daydream, with Tristan starring in it. They were at the baseball field that reminded her of the beach. They were writing messages in the sand, smiling at each other.  Before her plot could grow, Penny interrupted her thoughts. “Tristan this is Faith!” Penny said sitting Tristan down next to Faith. “Hi Tristan.” Faith said feeling herself explode inside. How do you speak to a crush? ADHD doesn’t really help you have crushes. “Hello Faith, um...” He paused fixing her hair, Faith instantly blushed and smiled.  His touch warmed her cheeks, and then his hands worked his way to the magazines on the coffee table. “Sorry I can’t resist. You see I have a really bad case of OCD. That’s why I’m here, how about you.” He said smiling widely, “A bad case of ADHD,” She said gathering her legs into a criss-cross.  “How long have you been here?” Faith asked, tapping her fingers to the beat of an imaginary song. “3 months, it’s been ok, but lonely.” Tristan said shrugging. “I have been here a week!” Faith said laughing, Tristan laughed along, enjoying the new girls presence. “You are pretty cute.” Faith blurts out, instantly regretting it. She blushes and turns away, embarrassed of the no filter rule of ADHD. “Damn, I thought I was sexy. Looks like I got some work to do doll face.” He smirked making Faith smile. “So I’m a doll? Well, I’m going to call you cutie-pie!” She shouts,laughing. “Cutie-pie versus doll face. Epic battle!” Tristan said fixing his shirt. “I declare the epic battle of 20 questions!” Faith suggested, Tristan nodded and smiled,” Come on! Penny showed me the coolest place.” He took her hand and they got out of the day room and made their way to the stairwell. Since Hayley loved Faith like the sister she never had, she let them out of the day room. Faith would have to thank her greatly. Tristan ran up the stairs with great speed, but Faith kept up with his impressive speed. “We’re here,” Tristan announced as Faith took in the beauty of the rooftop garden. Faith instantly ran over to the side and looked at all the cars and people walking by. “The people and cars look like ants!” Faith said overjoyed at the new discovery. “We are like angels looking down at the world below!” Tristan shouted joining Faith by the ledge. “First question! First crush!” Faith asks as Tristan brings his attention back to Faith. “Kimberly Harris in 3rd grade. Now you. “Tristan said leaning his back up against the ledge. “I have never really had a crush,” Faith said trying to avoid an awkward conversation . “Come on! Everyone has had to have a crush!” Tristan said playfully punching me in the shoulder. “I haven’t because I can’t really pay attention.” She said playfully punching him back.  “Well you paid real good attention to me.” He said raising his eyebrows. “Well if you had to know it was the piece of lettuce you accomplished to have in your teeth for a week!” Faith remarked smirking at him. Tristan’s cheeks turned as red as  a tomato as he checked his teeth. Faith started snickering, Tristan then realized she was joking. “You little..” Was all he could say before she ran away. Faith hid behind a bush that was double the size of her. Tristan scoured the whole roof twice. But still no trace of Faith. Tristan was about to give up until he saw the ever so slightest tremble of a bush. He silently made his way over, without Faith noticing. He quietly and quickly lunged and picked her up. Thank the heavens he's a strong boy. She screamed and started laughing. "You scared me half to deaf cutie pie!" She said smirking. Tristan wanted to kiss her so very badly but his OCD had another thought.
They resumed their game of 20 questions with hide and seek/ tag breaks. Soon, Hayley came up and told them it was dinner. Tristan rushed because he was starving. Faith walked with Hayley down the stairs. "So it looks like you like that boy." Hayley said elbowing her lightly in the arm. "Hayley!" She said giggling. "I take that as a yes!" Hayley smirked. "Faith loves Tristan! Faith loves Tristan!" Hayley said acting like any sisterly figure would. Faith covered Hayley's mouth as they walked out of the stairwell. "Any lip action?" Hayley asked nudging her,"Oh god! No!" Faith said running into the cafe. It's fun to be a sister. 
Faith sat with Penny during dinner like always. They would always recap on their day. Adding new things to their best friend bucket list or talking about the therapy they endured that day. It was probably the best time either of them had with a friend. They knew ADHD restricts you from doing many, many things. Which we sucked for them. But, as long as they had eachother. "Ok! I can't hold it in any longer! How was Tristan!" She says loud enough so only she could hear. "We had alot of fun. No, no lip action, hugging, and no downtown visits." Faith said answering all of Penny's unasked questions. Penny started giggling saying, "Soon!" Or "I bet you did go downtown!" What a special character Faith thought.
It had been a month since Faith had showed up at this place. Her mom stopped by once with her father for an update. They didn't stay long, which kind of hurt Faith's feelings. Today was her birthday. Faith loved her birthday. Her family would always come down and bring presents and happiness. Faith couldn't wait for it. Penny has been hinting at it all day yesterday. Asking,"What's your favorite color?" Or "Gold or silver?" Which always made Faith laugh. She didn't care, as long as she had friends to celebrate with. Faith loved her daily routine. In the morning she and Tristan would go exploring, while Penny went to therapy. Then, she would go to therapy with the sweet Ms.Carey. After it was Penny and Faith time while Tristan went to therapy then we ended the day with everyone hanging out. Faith would always have lunch with Hayley. Hayley told her that she considered Faith her sister which made Faith very happy. Over the past month Faith had been doing better. She could pay attention to something for a top time of 5 minutes! Ms.Carey said that's impressive. Faith loved all the nice people at this place. They all welcomed each other in with open arms. Every night Faith would dream about her and Tristan, being like the couples in the park. Penny always said that he liked her back, but Faith will never know.
Faith ran to the door and saw Tristan," Time for an adventure, birthday girl!" He took her hand and Faith instantly warmed up, like she had always. This time Tristan took her on a different route. Faith was confused but overjoyed at all the new things she saw. "Where are we going O-Jay?"She said using his code name. "It's a secret doll face." He said smiling. Faith couldn't wait, Tristan knew that. So, he would always hint at things that made Faith think. "A boy band will playing, with some solo artists." Tristan said as the last hint. "Wha?" Faith said completely confused. That's exactly what Tristan wanted. You see Tristan and Penny planned, decorated, and set up this party. It took 3 days because of Tristan's OCD. But, they got it done. 
Faith thought the party was spectacular. Gold and silver streamers decorated the walls. Balloons were taped perfectly to the wall. Tristan wouldn't stop talking about how he had made everything  for his,"Doll faced girl." Many people came to the party. Penny thinks it was the whole place. Hayley came in with the cake, it was delicious. Faith was still in aw from the moment they said surprise. People even brought gifts! Faith was overjoyed that such an amount of people cared for her. Tristan told Faith that at 7:00 she had to meet him on the rooftop. It was 6:59, so she started a long trudge up the stairs. She opened the door to see Tristan standing there with 12 roses in his hands. Candles were lit around him. Faith was ecstatic about the beauty. Tristan pulled out a paper and started to speak,"Faith, oh Faith, you have long blonde hair with radiant blue eyes. Some may say you aren't perfect. But, don't you worry, you are perfect to me. We take mini adventures and your discoveries make me smile, when you laugh my world lights up. Your smile is the best thing to see when your down. Now I'm going to quote your favorite song to add effect.' You know I could use somebody You know I could use somebody someone like you.' Well Ms.Hollander I feel that you do need someone. Someone like me. So, do you want to be like the couples in the park you love to watch?" Faith felt tears run down her face. She needed someone like him. She nodded her head and embraced him in a hug. Then, Tristan tilted her head up and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Faith didn't know how to kiss. This was her first kiss, but it was wonderful. Tristan pulled her back into a hug, then Tristan murmured, "I always thought brown hair  looked good with blonde hair." 

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