A Spark in Revolution

You may of heard about the show Revolution on NBC, but what happened if it all came true? What if the world lost all for of electricity, and had to go back tot he way things we ran during the days before light bulbs? Where we had to fight against a brutal government, rebels, and a southern nation. Well, this would be my story during that time. My name would be different, but my friends, and lovers, would be a little different. I would be in the Appalachian Mountains, and hunt to save my friends, family, and lovers. My weapon of chose would be a bow and arrow. I would be on my own side, and I would be one of the few people to start a spark that turns into a revolution.


1. Prolouge: How it all startred

     It was midnight, I was online looking at random stuff. My parents where asleep, along with my older sister Winnie, my older brother Alex, and my little sister, Courtney. I was the only one awake at this time of the night. I couldn't stop thinking about my secret crush Jon. He was sweet, smart, funny, warmhearted, and loving.

    I looked away from the tablet and out the window, the street was silent as can be. The city lights shown through the trees in our neighborhood.There was only one light on the block, and it was right across from my window. Must be Adriana, messing around with Michael again. I thought. Adriana was my best friend in the whole world. We were in the same grade and had choir together. She was dating Michael and still is. Alex had a good sized crush on her.

    I rolled my eyes and when back to the screen. I'm never gonna get laid, I thought to myself. Then something odd happened; all the lights just went out. "The hell?" I asked out loud. I looked out of my window and the whole city was black. "This is one hell of a blackout," I heard footsteps come from the hallway and Alex came into my room.

  "Your tablet go out?" He asked. "Yeah, what the hell is going on?" He looked out into the dark neighborhood, then he came over to me and sat on my bedside. "Clover, listen. I have no idea of what is happening at all, so we need to stay together no matter what, okay?"  I gave him my 'You better be thinking on the same page as me, dumbass' look, but I just shrugged and said, "Okay, so where the hell is Mom and Dad?"

       He just looked at me with his dark, green eyes. " I haven't checked, wanted to make sure you were okay before I went and checked on everyone else." I just stared at him, then slapped him in the face. Mom was pregnant with our next sibling and she was in really bad shape too after years of having kid after kid."You idiot! You know what is happening to Mom! I want her to be okay first! I can handle myself, you motherfucker!"

      He got up and I saw a red spot on his right cheek form where I slapped him. "Grab Crystal and make sure Winnie's in the house. I'm going to gather all the stuff we need." I told him .He ran out of my room, down the hall, and into Crystal's room, while I got out of my bed, and put on a pair my pair of sweat pants that said "Angel With a Shotgun" and my Doctor Who Tardis jacket. I grabbed my Pikachu hoodie book bag and a Duffel bag that I found at a yard sale, and ran down the hall and into the kitchen.

     I grabbed all of the food I can and stuffed it all in the Duffel bag, then I walked into the downstairs into the den, walked up to the book shelf, and pushed in a book to revel the hidden room that held all our weapons. I walked in and found all the weapons that my Dad, Alex, and I used for hunting and competition.

    I grabbed my arrows and lucky bow with the quote "Aim High, Hit Hard" engraved in it. Dad had given it to me as a birthday present so i could shoot something besides a marshmallow shooter. I heard footsteps coming form behind me, I grabbed my military knife off the table and hid under the table with the knives on top, well covered by the dark. "Clover, Its me." I heard Alex's voice and came out of hiding. When I looked at him I could tell he was crying about something. Alex had only cried a few times in my life.  

    "What's the matter?" I said in a very worried tone.  He wiped a tear from the corner of his eye and looked up at me. "Courtney's gone and so is Ayden, along Mom and Dad." I just stood there and thought to myself, What. The. Hell! They left us for they're own good?! Those Assholes!  I wanted to scream and hit something, but instead I dropped the bow and arrows, feel to my knees, and cried like the little bitch. Alex got on his knees and held me. That was the night that my life changed forever, and the night The Lights went out all over the world.


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