A Spark in Revolution

You may of heard about the show Revolution on NBC, but what happened if it all came true? What if the world lost all for of electricity, and had to go back tot he way things we ran during the days before light bulbs? Where we had to fight against a brutal government, rebels, and a southern nation. Well, this would be my story during that time. My name would be different, but my friends, and lovers, would be a little different. I would be in the Appalachian Mountains, and hunt to save my friends, family, and lovers. My weapon of chose would be a bow and arrow. I would be on my own side, and I would be one of the few people to start a spark that turns into a revolution.


3. Chapter 2: Good News and Preperation

   Its a short walk from the village to my shed, the shed is my hiding place and its also where I go and think about things. Me and Alex walk back into the village and my best friend Adriana is standing by her fruit stand, "Hey guys look! It's the Rebel Queen, Clover!" I hear a bunch of kids say, then I feel a stony object hit my shoulder.

   "Hey you kids, leave her the fuck alone or I will beat y'all!" I hear Adriana say. The kids go running of and singing the stupid little song the made up for me, I really don't like that song and want to beat every single on of their asses. Like my friend Kristy once said " Punch a baby in the face,"

   I walk up to Adriana and give here a hug, "Hey Chica, what's up?" I ask, "Nothing much, I saw Joey the rebel leader come running back and saw that he had a cut on his neck." She looked at me and smiled, "Yep, he called Clove here a bitch." Alex says. "Wow really? good thing she gave him something to chew on for a while until the troops come marching in."

   "Yeah, by the way how's you and M&M?" I ask, "Good, we actually have a surprise for the both of y'all," Adriana says. I look at her very carefully and notice that she has gotten a little bigger, "You are not...." I trail off. "Yes I am!" I let out a little squeal of excitement. " I'm finally becoming a Aunt!" I say. I takes a minute for Alex to realize what is going on.

    "You're pregnant. Wow, congrats Adriana," He says. "Thank you Alex, and who knows, you may be the Uncle of the little one." She says, " Yeah maybe. The village is pretty busy today, I have to get back to the platoon and set up the greetings for the Troops."

     I turn and look at him. "Okay, see you after the ceremony, Alex." I hug him really tight, so tight I could feel his heart beating. "I love you Bro." "Love you too, Clove" And with that I let go of him and watched him walk away. "Clove, can you help me with the stand please?" I hear Adriana say,

     "Sure not a problem, besides we need to talk about this!" I say while holding my hands out to her stomach, which was the size of a small pillow. "I know, now M&M and I have been coming up with some ideas for the name of the baby."

    "Awe! I'm really happy for you Adriana!" I say, and we just kept talking about it for the rest of the day until we had to put up shop and head inside to get ready for the ceremony. I start walking twoards my little cottage and when I walk in, I see my brother in uniform. "Well, look at you; Mom and Dad would be proud of you." I say

    He turned away from the mirror and looked at me, "Yeah they would, but you need to get dressed." He said. I nod and ran upstairs into my room and picked out a black and white lace top and a long wavy black and white designed skirt.* A/N The outfit's on my polyvore, starfoxgirl,*  I grabbed my black combat boots and slipped those on. I let my dark brown hair down, brush it out, and put it into a long braid before putting my black studded cowboy hat on.

     I ran down the stairs and my brother was standing there with a small box in his hands. "Alex, what's in the box?" I asked while out of breathe, "It's something Mom told me to give to you when the time was right." He walked up to me and opened the box. Inside is a beautiful silver necklace with a bow and arrow pendant.

    I stood there speechless as I gave Alex a huge hug and thanked him. "When did mom give this to you?" "A day before The Lights went out; she told me it was her's when she was younger." he said. I looked at him, At least I have something to remind me of Mom. I thought to myself. He pulled away from me and grabbed the national flag for guard from the closet.

   "Well, I have to leave for formation. The troupe can't go on without their captain." He said. I walked up to him and fixed his medals. "You worked really hard all these years, and yet they have not moved you up a rank." I said. He smiled and laughed a little, "Yeah, that's true."

    Alex walked over to the door with the flag in one hand, and a sword in the other, "Good luck, Captain Alex Listener." I say "Thanks, Clove," Before he walked out the door, Alex gives me a little kiss on the cheek and said "I love you, Clover Frost. Don't forget that." and then he was gone. I watched as my older brother prepared the troupe for formation from a window of the cottage.

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