My Guardian Angel

Niall Horan is in the famous band One Direction, but he never thought it would be that hard. After suffering so much he made a decision he might regret. Friends and Family try their best to help him make up his mind but doesn't give in that easily. After meeting their new stylist, Heavenly, he saw things he never knew existed. Will this mysterious girl be the only one that could help him? Secrets will be reveled, miracles will happened, love will grow and hearts will be broken... Will the boys life get any better? Is there another way?


2. The girl with the gold eyes


Liam’s pov:

“Liam, I don’t want to!” he said and I felt my blood boil…

“You have too!! We all want to help you!!” I screamed at him

“Help me with what?!” He didn’t get it an that made me even more frustrated…

“You still don’t get it don’t you?!…” I tried to be calm… but I cant “… DAMN YOU NIALL!!! YOU TRIED TO SUICIDE AND ALL WE WANT IS TO HELP YOU!!!”

“Well I don’t need your help!! I made my decision…” he said… it have been a week since he woke up from the coma. Since then he have been a pure pain in the ass… Now Dr. Drew is waiting down stairs and he is refusing to meet him

“And what is that decision?” I calmed myself down a little

“I just cant take this any longer, ok?… I want to end this pain…”

“And you think killing yourself is the best way to do it?!”

“Is the only way…” he said… I was shocked, I don’t even know who he is anymore…

“At least go down there and meet him… for me…” I said looking hopeful at him. He sight and walked out the door and down the stairs. I was looking at him from the top of the stairs with a sad look. What is wrong with him? He is not the Niall I remember… the Niall I know… a single tear fell from my eye…

“He is not himself and makes me worried…” I heard Harry’s voice say from behind me…

“Yhea… me too. Is frustrating…” I said turning around and looking at him…

“By the way… Simon wants to meet us… now…” he said with a serious face

“What? What about Niall’s Therapy?”

“He said that he should stay here and someone should stay with him…” he said with his hands on his pockets

“I’ll stay with him…”

“No, he also said that you NEED to be there…” he said putting all his emphasis in the word ‘need’

“And who is going to stay with him?”

“Don’t worry, Zayn will…” I nodded and followed him down stairs were Louis was waiting for us in front of the door… I looked at the living room were Niall was sitting on the couch in front of Dr. Drew and Zayn leaning on the door way with his arms crossed looking at Niall…

“Zayn we’re leaving…” Louis said unlocking the door… Zayn turned his head too us and nodded then we walked out the door…


“I’m glad you’re here boys…” Simon said with his elbows resting on the circle table where we were all sitting “… I really need to have a serious talk with you guys… you can tell the others when you get back” we all nodded “ Well… we all know that you are starting Tour in 4 days… I know I quite short time since the situation with Niall happened, but there is nothing I can do…” we all sight and nodded in frustration

“What about Niall’s Teraphy?” Harry asked the question that was just building up in my head

“I glad you ask about it…” Simon leaned down on him chair and sight “Niall will still get his meetings with Dr. Drew. He will come and visit you guy on tour every week for Niall’s appointment … any other questions?” we all said no and let him continue… “ Well tomorrow you all need to go to rehearsal… I know it would be a little hard for Niall but I believe in him and I know he is capable of continuing with the tour while he gets better… but I still need you guys to keep an eye on him. We don’t want him to try anything again… Is for his own sake. Also I want you guy to delete his twitter an facbook apps from his phone… try to make him stay away from every social network until he get better and is ready… can you guys do that?”

“Yes” we all said

“Ok you can all go now…” we stood up and started walking out “Wait I forgot something!!….” we turned around and waited for him to speak “You will meet your new stylist tomorrow…” we nodded one more time and headed out the door…

Harry’s pov”

When we got to the house we saw Dr. Drew walking out of the house with a frustrated look on his face… I couldn’t help but wander what happened. I’m worried about Niall… he is one of my best mates and I know him just like I know myself. But lately he haven’t been himself, he is not the Niall I know… and that makes me worried, really worried… I walked up to him and I couldn’t help but ask…

“How did everything go?” I heard him sight… Louis and Liam approached us and were now behind me looking at the man standing in front of us

“Well… he wasn’t easy to handle… he didn’t want to speak to me at all, but I tried my best. I will see you guys next week… ok?” he said turning around ready to leave

“yhea…” we all nodded… I gave a loud sight and walked inside, finding only silence. Louis and Liam quickly disappeared into the living room. All of this was unusual… this house have never been so quiet. It was something to worried about. I know the Niall situation have been making us all worried. What if Niall tried to suicide again? I’m worried for Niall…. For all of us. Because not only Niall have change, but the rest of the boys have too. Maybe is the fact that we miss the silly Irish mofo he once was, or maybe is that his depression is contagious… I walked into the kitchen to find Zayn with a beer on his hand, his back resting on the counter looking into space.

“How did it went?” I ask not facing him
“Better than I thought…” he sight… there was a moment of silent before he finally speak

“He is not the same… I don’t know what we can do.” he said putting the beer on the counter and crossing his arms up his chest “He doesn’t want to listen, he doesn’t want to accept the fact that we want to help him… is like if he have forgotten we are his best mates, that we are always there for him… is like if he doesn’t even know us… well right now I don’t even know him…” I looked at him to see tears coming out of his eyes making his cheeks wet “I want him back…”

“We all do mate… we all do” I said patting him in the back and I felt a single tear escape my eye “ come on… were is Ni?”

“Up stairs on his room…” I nodded and drag him up stairs… I knocked on Niall’s door three times until he finally answered

“What do you want?” he said after he opened the door

“I just need to talked to you and Zayn about what Simon said…” he just nodded and let us in. He walked up to his bed and sat at the end of it, followed by Zayn “Well… basically we start tour in 4 days and we need to go tomorrow for rehearsal… Niall, you will still have you appointment every week with Dr. Drew” he sight and nodded “And tomorrow at rehearsal we will meet the new stylist… so basically, we need to be NICE. Niall?” I emphasized the word ‘nice’ and looked straight at Niall…

“Yhea yhea I get it… I try my best…” he sight annoyed

“Good… basically that’s it…” I said they both nodded and Zayn followed me out the door… “Oh… and before I forget… Simon really believes in you and he want you to do your best…” Niall nodded one more time before shutting the door and locking it…



Niall’s pov:

“Niall hurry up!! We are going to be late!!” I heard Louis shouting from down stairs

“I’m coming geez!!” I shouted back annoyed… I putted on some grey jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt with my black and white Nikes. I styled my hair on a quiff, I grab my phone an walked out the room down the stairs where the boys were waiting

“Finally!!!!” Cheered Louis and I just gave him and annoyed look and walked passed them and out the doors… the boys were far behind me when I entered the car… The car ride was quite awkward, and I know the boys knew it… I still don’t want to talked to any of them. I know that if I did they would take out the topic I wanted to avoid so badly… everyday was the same shit… ‘You need to make up you mind’ ‘We are here for you and you push us away’ ‘Were is the funny Niall I once knew so well’… is all they seem to say. It breaks my heart to see them like this, but they don’t understand what I am going trough… they will never understand… Once we reach our destination I hoped out of the car and slowly walked to the front door of the big grey building

“Niall!” I heard Liam called and I turned around to face him “Mate, are you sure you can do this?” he ask… here we go again

“Yhea…” I said and he nodded and I turned around and keep walking… they think I have a mental problem or something, that I cant do anything after what happened!! God!!…… we were all greeted by Paul at the entrance.

“Hey Ni, I’m glad you’re back mate…” he gave me a small and I faked a smile and nodded… Paul lead us to the room where we were going to rehears. It was the same place we always rehears in before we go on tour. The 5 microphones were set in the same spot as always, everything was set… Simon was waiting for us at the other side of the room, he waved at us and we slowly walked over to him.

“Boys, I glad you are all here.” he said with a smile “Like you all know, you guys start tour in three days and we’ve got to get ready… You will be meeting your new stylist today. She is with Lou on the other room, so you guys know where to go…” we all nodded and walked to the door that was not to far away from where we were standing. The boys got in fist while I was the last one to enter the room with my hands on my jean pockets. Lou was standing there with Lux on her arms while she greeted us giving us all a hug. While she was hugging me, Lux gave me a small kiss on the cheek making me smile for the first time in weeks.

“Do you wanna go with Uncle Niall?” Lou ask the little blond girl in her arm and Lux slightly nodded. I took Lux in my arms and a slowly kissed her small forehead while she played with my hair. The boys looked at us with a big smile plastered on their faces. Maybe is the fact that they haven’t seen me like this in a long time… Lux took the sunglasses that were hanging from my t-shirt and put them on making all of us to laugh…

“Well guys, I want you to meet someone…” she looked around trying to find the person she was looking for “…. and right now I don’t know where she is…” she slightly chuckled “I’ll be right back…” she said and walked off into a small door at my left. After a couple of minutes later she came back with a beautiful girl with honey brown hair and… I swear to god her eyes are a very deep GOLD color!!!! She was wearing a baby blue summer dress and high-top white converse. I could see a slight glow all over her body. She was beautiful… “Boys, this is Heavenly. She is your new stylist…” she waved and smiled at us a smile that couldn’t be compared with anything else in the world. “Heavenly, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall” she shook their hands politely. When she was about to shook mine she whispered…

“Is so nice to finally meet you”

“same here” I stretched my right hand while I was holding baby Lux on my left. Once our hands touched…… I felt…. Some kind of… peace.



Sorry if there's any mistakes on the spelling... I didn't have time to check it...

Anyways, I hope you like this chapter!! It took me quite some time writing it since is NOT easy having to write from a depressed Niall's point of view if you ask me... I promise more updates will be coming soon so like/favorite this movella and PLZZZZ PLZZZ TELL ME WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT IT ON THE COMENTS BELOW :D

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