My Guardian Angel

Niall Horan is in the famous band One Direction, but he never thought it would be that hard. After suffering so much he made a decision he might regret. Friends and Family try their best to help him make up his mind but doesn't give in that easily. After meeting their new stylist, Heavenly, he saw things he never knew existed. Will this mysterious girl be the only one that could help him? Secrets will be reveled, miracles will happened, love will grow and hearts will be broken... Will the boys life get any better? Is there another way?


1. Is the only way

Niall’s pov:

I just cant take it any longer! I never knew it would be this hard. But the question is… Why? Why do they hate me? They don’t even know me… I scrolled down my twitter notifications and the more I read the bigger the pain grows. They are a couple of comments saying how much they loved me, how talented I was… but other said they hated me, that I should die, that I don’t deserve to even be in the band. One hate message could beat a thousand of good messages… Is just that… the pressure is too much, the hate is to strong. The tears were streaming down my face, the pain growing bigger with every hate I receive every second. I left my phone on the bed and walked to the bathroom, I closed the door behind me so I wouldn’t be interrupted. I looked at myself in the mirror too see my puffy red eyes being the evidence of the tears that were still streaming down my face. The only sound filling the room was the sound of my sobs, the sound of my pain… I wanted it to stop. It was to much… to much to handle… I felt worthless, alone, broken and I wanted all of those feelings to go away. They hated me… Why? What have I done to them? I try my best everyday to see if anything changes, but nothing seems to make them happy. I know their’s fans who love me but… the hate is to strong!! I want it to stop… stop the hate, the pain, the depression… I stoop up and hurried up trying to find the pain killers. I didn’t care if I was making a mess or too much noise, I just wanted to give an end to all of this… Once I found the pain killer I collapse on the floor, my sobs got louder and even more tears came out of my eyes. I was scared to death but I needed to end this… now! I was shocked when I heard I knocked on the door…

“Niall? Is everything ok?” A British accent I knew well said from behind the door, It was Liam… I didn’t answer. I knew that if he found out what I was about to do he will stop me, and I’m not going to let anyone get on my way. He tried to opened the door, in that moment I thanked god I remembered to lock it.

“Niall mate?! Opened the door!!” he shouted

“Liam, leave me alone!!” I said between sobs and tears “I need to do this!! And you are not going to stop me!!”

“Niall was is going on in there?!?!?” he got worried and tried even harder to open the door “Niall open the door!!” he started to push the door trying to knock it down “NIALL? OPEN THE BLOODY DAMN DOOR!!!” he pushed the door even harder “NIALL!!!”

“I’m sorry Liam… goodbye mate!” with that I swallow about eight pills at the same time…

“NIALL?!?!?!” my vision got blurry “NIALL!!” the sound of Liam’s voice started to fade, the banging on the door sounded like if it was coming from far away. The last thing I saw was the door braking down to the floor, Liam rushing inside and going down on his knees in front of me. I couldn’t see his face clearly, everything was spinning around me. I heard him calling the rest of the boys, his tears fell on my cold skin. I saw the other boy rushing into the room, that’s when everything went black…

“How is he doing?” I hear a voice coming from the distance… I recognize that voice… Zayn

“He swallow a lot of pills but he is fine… he is in a coma by now…” an unknown voice said and it was followed by a chorus of “What?!”s

“When is he going to wake up?” I heard the worried voice of Louis say

“We don’t know yet… but we hope is soon” I tried to open my eyes but I failed, I tried to move… but I couldn’t. I got suffocated. I just want to wake up and try again… when I do it again I’m going to die for good. It might sound quite creepy but I just want to end this and I’m talking for real when I say it. I cant go back to the world and get all of that hate again… not now, not in a million years. So, dying is my only option… I felt a hand on top of mine and a cold substance falling on my arm. Sobbing… I heard it followed by mumbles that I couldn’t understand.

“Liam… Zayn and I are going home to get some stuff. We’ll be back…” I heard Harry’s deep voice say

“Ok…” I heard Liam whisper… he was closed to me and I could hear the weakness in his voice. He was the one holding my hand… I heard a door open and close from not to far away, then silence, only a ‘beeping’ sound was heard. Footsteps wre approaching me…

“Liam sweetie, you should eat something…” a woman’s voice said… my mother. I wanted to get out of there, to knock out of my body and see her, and say my last goodbye… to all of them. I want to give my mom a hug, maybe my last hug…

“I don’t feel like eating” Liam’s week voice said

“You have to… I going to the cafeteria with Louis to grab something to eat. Do you want to stay?”


“Ok then… I’m going to get you something too. We’ll be back soon…” I hear her sweet voice, the door opened and closed one more time… silence. I felt the cold substance fall on my arm again… I guess they were tears… Liam’s tears. I heard him mumble something again that I couldn’t understand…

“Please, please God please” was he praying “I just want him to be safe…” more tears fell on my arm and I felt his head resting on my stomach. I’m sorry Liam… I don’t want to leave you like this again… but I have to… is the only way…

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