My Guardian Angel

Niall Horan is in the famous band One Direction, but he never thought it would be that hard. After suffering so much he made a decision he might regret. Friends and Family try their best to help him make up his mind but doesn't give in that easily. After meeting their new stylist, Heavenly, he saw things he never knew existed. Will this mysterious girl be the only one that could help him? Secrets will be reveled, miracles will happened, love will grow and hearts will be broken... Will the boys life get any better? Is there another way?


4. is more than the reason of my existance

Niall’s pov:

I walked alone in the dark on my way back home… when I reached my destination I saw Liam outside standing on the door, next to him was Zayn and they were arguing about something…

“I’m telling you that he went for a walk…” said Zayn

“It have been 3 hours since that…. How could you idiot let him go away ALONE!!!” Liam said emphasis on the word ‘alone’

“He is going to come back….You are being over dramatic Liam…” he replied with an annoyed tune

“Yhea Liam, you are being over dramatic…” I said reaching them with my hands of my pockets… Liam looked at me surprised and Zayn pointed at me and looked at Liam with an I-told-you-so look.

“For god sakes Niall, where have you been?!” he said

“In Starbucks…” I said like if it was obvious and I walked pass them and said hi to the rest of the boys and went upstairs to my room. Once I took my clothe off and putted on only some sweet pants… I sat on my bed for what seemed like forever looking at my phone… actually staring at Heavenly’s phone number… I needed an advice and the first person that ran through my mind was Harry… I walked to my door and opened it… I shouted to Harry to come up here and I closed the door behind me…

“what is it mate?” asked Harry walking through the door

“I got her number…” I said

“What?… who’s?” he looked at me confused

“Heavenly… I got her number” I said looking at the phone number on my phone screen

“No way!” he said shocked seating next to me and looking at the screen “How?” he whispered after a long silence

“When I went for a walked I stopped at Starbucks and I saw her there… and we talked and I got her number…” I said still shocked myself

“And the bloody hell are you waiting for?! TEXT HER!!” he pushed my arm

“NO! she would think I’m a weirdo or something…” I whispered

“Oh come on…” he took the phone from my hand and typed something. I tried to stop him but he already have pressed the send button … it was too late. He laughed and seconds later she had responded… he read the text message…

“What does it say?” I try to take the phone… I saw him smile after he handed me the phone…

“You are so welcomed…” he said. I looked at the text message and read

To: Heavenly

From: Me

Hey I was wondering if after tomorrow’s rehearsal you would go to the movies with me? ;) xx.

To: Me

From: Heavenly

Yhea sure J I would love that xx.

I looked at the screen in shock and then at Harry who was giving me the cheekiest, and most annoying smirk ever…

“Why the hell did you do that?!” I said annoyed

“Hey… don’t be like that… at least I got you a Date with her…” he said standing up

“But now she would think I’m desperate or something” he turned around and walked to the door and opened it…

“You are just being silly Niall…” he said rolling his eye and walking out the door… I gave a loud sight before I turned the light off and dozed off to sleep…

Heavenly’s pov:

It was my job… but it felt like if I wasn’t just doing it because it was the reason I was born… It felt like if it was so much more than that…. My back arched as I lay on my bed. I felt my phone buzz and I unlock it to find a text from Niall.

To: Me

From: Niall

Hey I was wondering if after tomorrow’s rehearsal you would go to the movies with me? ;) xx.

I thought about for a second before I answered… and I regret my answer

To: Niall

From: Me

Yhea sure J I would love that xx.

I know is wrong… what have I done? I gonna be in so much trouble… Is wrong… but… it feels so right… suddenly the room felt to small and suffocating. I got up from my bed and putted my shoes on. I walked out the door into the could night. I walked to the small park near the house. I walked up to the swings and sat on one of them… I closed my eyes feeling the cold air hit my face. Everything was silent until I heard something behind me… it was like the sound of a bird beating his wings, but louder…

“What do you think you are doing?” I knew who it was and I refused to look at him

“Don’t you have other business to take care of?” I said annoyed

“Well yhea… but you are one of the things I have to keep an eye on…” he said and I rolled my eyes “And you and I both know that what you are doing is wrong… you don’t want to get into trouble do you?” he walked up and stood in front of me. I looked up to see his curly blond hair and his midnight blue eyes…

“Is nothing… we are just going to hang out and that’s it…” I stood up and crossed my arms up my chest…

“Just don’t mess things up for you Hace…” he said putting his hand on my shoulder

“I wont… Now what did you came here Gabriel?” I asked still annoyed

“Daniel told me about the text and you and that guy… so basically it was my job to come here and give you some advice sis…”

“I don’t need your advice… I know what I’m doing…” I started walking away

“Bye Hace…” he said followed by a loud sight

“Yhea yhea, bye Gabe…” I said brushing him off and walking to my house…

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